neo nectaris
FAQ/Strategy Guide  

 quick guide (veterans)
00. Factory / Prison Camp
01. Tanks (TT-1, S-63, T-79,
    GS-83, GT-88, PT-6, HMB-4)
02. Moon Buggies (MB-7, MB-8)
03. Long-Range Attack (mobile)  
    (SG-5, MR-23, HA-55)
04. Long-Range Artillery (fixed)
    (SS-80, SR-22)
05. AeroBlasters  
    (FX-1, AX-87, EF-88)
06. Anti-Aircraft (AAG-4, MM107)
07. Infantry (GX-78/88/97)
08. Little-Honda-Scooter (CBX-1)
09. Transport Vehicles (NC-2, C-61)
10. Mines (M-77, KM-55, TB-10)
11. BioHeiki (BT-90/91/92)
SH = Shifting (0-12 hexes) DF = Defensive strength (0-90)
LA = Land Attack (0-90)    LR = LAND attack RANGE  (0-6 hexes)
= Air Attack  (0-90)    AR = AIR attack RANGE   (0-6 hexes)
ID# = since nicknames are in kana/kanji, perhaps the easiest
way to use these charts is by referring to a units "ID #"

new = eight brand new units were introduced in Neo Nectaris

= In the translation of nicknames, there are discrep-
ancies between N. American and Japanese versions of Nectaris.

+" = indicates a change in attributes from original game.The
game designers were meticulous, and to maintain consistency 
between Nectaris installments, they updated ID#'s to reflect 
the change in attributes. For example, in the original game, 
Giant (HMB-2) is really slow and can only shift TWO hexes per 
turn. But Neo Nectaris has a faster Giant (HMB-4) that can 
shift THREE hexes per turn.

00. Factory / Prison Camp:  -top-



Prison Camp

01. Tanks:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
TT-1 5 30 45 1 0 0 Lenet
S-63 6 40 55 1 0 0 Bison (+)
GS-83 7 50 55 1 0 0 Slagger (+)
? -> Slugger
GT-88 5 50 65 1 0 0 Titan (+)
? -> Monster
T-79 4 50 70 1 0 0 Grizzly
PT-6 4 60 60 1 0 0 Polar
Arumajiro -> Armadillo
HMB-4 3 80 90 1 40 1 Giant (+)
? -> Gigant

OVERVIEW: HMB-4 Giant is the only tank that can attack aircraft. The
remaining tanks lack air offense, so they are utterly helpless against
EF-88 Hunters and AX-87 Eagles.

HINT: Use C-61 Pelican to swiftly transport the slower moving tanks
(T-79 Grizzly, PT-6 Polar, HMB-4 Giant).

HINT: Unless a factory is nearby, the slower moving tanks (T-79 Grizzly,
PT-6 Polar, HMB-4 Giant) are best repaired by GX-97 Teknik.  


TT-1 Lenet:
"This twin turret tank has two guns of 95mm and 75mm. Only a small number
of these tanks were made for trial purposes so its performance has been
below satisfactory." Yes, Lenet is horrible and a few of them are
scattered throughout the game. And yet, it would have been neat if Lenet
appeared more frequently--it is more challenging (and thus satisfying) to
conquer your opponent with inferior equipment. 
-tanks-  -top-

S-63 Bison (+5 LA compared to S-61):
"The bison is a main battle tank with a 105mm turret gun and a durable
armor plating. This mass production tank is the primary force of front
line battles. Good mobility." Bison are the most common unit in your
entire arsenal, so you will quickly appreciate it's versatility. You can
compensate for Bison's weak armor by teaming-up with other units and
making strategic use of terrain (remember, the rougher the terrain, the
greater the defensive benefit). 
-tanks-  -top-

GS-83 Slagger (+5 LA compared to GS-81):
"The Slagger is a main battle tank with good mobility. It can quickly
enter a front line battle and has a good defense capacity. Equipped
with a 105mm class gun." Slagger's exceptional speed comes in handy for
many situations: send GS-83 on a "sucicide solo mission" ahead of slower
troops when you want to be the first to occupy strategic territory 
(i.e. when you are attempting to capture a factory). Sometimes it is
worth sacrificing a unit to prevent Guicy troops from entrenching in
a strategic position--and only the fastest units can get there first.
ASIDE: "Slagger" is actually a much kooler name than the insipid "Slugger"
translation found in other Nectaris games. 
-tanks-  -top-

GT-88 Titan (+5 LA compared to GT-86):
"This heavy tank is equipped with a 120mm heavy cannon. It has fair
mobility and its heavy armor is good defense. Use to support the Slagger
and other front line units." Titan is a powerful tank and can boost the
offense and defense of weaker units when it "supports" them (see section 11
for an explanation of "support effects").
ASIDE: Again, as far as names go, "Titan" is superior to the lackluster
nickname "Monster". 
-tanks-  -top-

T-79 Grizzly:
"This heavy batttle tank is armed with a 120mm recoiless cannon. Its
heavy defense armor makes it durable but slow. Best used as support for
front line battles." Since Grizzly is slow, consider using C-61 Pelican
for rapid transport and GX-97 Teknik for repairs if a factory is not close
at hand. Grizzly, as the name suggests, is a solid performer and should
be used to assist wimpier units (i.e. Bison) during battle. 
-tanks-  -top-

PT-6 Polar:
"This medium-sized heavy tank is equipped with a 105mm turret gun.
Its limited mobility is compensated by its high armor plating and
defense capacity." Be sure to support weaker units with Polar's impressive
offensive/defensive abilities. Again, slow tanks such as the Polar can be
swiftly transported by C-61 Pelican and repaired by GX-97 Teknik if a
factory isn't available.

ASIDE: Since PT-6 has superb armor, the nickname "Armadillo" is appropriate.
So why was the name changed to "Polar"? "Armadillo" is too long, I reckon.
Only a shorter name with fewer letters could fit in the space allotted for
-tanks-  -top-

HMB-4 Giant (+1 SH compared to HMB-2):
"The Giant fortress tank has supreme firepower with a 180mm surface
gun and a 35mm anti-air turrent. Has heavy armor but is slow. Can
only be transported by Pelican."

Although the Giant is the most powerful ground unit, don't get cocky and
use it thoughtlessly--you still need to be careful. Safely build up
experience points by crushing much weaker opponents, because a Giant with
a "full star" of experience is a force to be reckoned with. Be careful
if you send out Giant on a solo mission: even the mighty Giant can be
quickly dispatched if it is surrounded by a team of enemies.

If you do not use C-61 Pelican to quickly transport Giant, then you should
carefully plan out the route HMB-4 will travel. Roads and flat ground are
your best bet, since Giant will limp over anything else. Just be
thankful you are not stuck with the older variant of the Giant (HMB-2),
which could only shift TWO hexes per turn...that truly was a giant sloth.

As previously stated, damaged Giants are best repaired by GX-97 Teknik,
if available, since it usually takes too long to use a factory with this
sloth-like unit. 
-tanks-  -top-

2. Moon Buggies:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
MB-7 6 20 40 2 20 1 Lynx (+)
MB-8 8 20 70 1 20 1 Rabbit (+)

OVERVIEW: These buggies are described as "anti-tank vehicles" in the
Japanese game manual, but they prove far more versatile than this...
Buggies are the ONLY units that can shift, attack, and SHIFT AGAIN in
one turn--take this special ability into consideration when planning
your offensive/defensive strategy.  Your ability to run away, however,
is not without bounds: rough terrain (20%+) and natural obstacles
(i.e. valley) severely restrict mobility and your ability to "run away."

HINT: After attacking, especially if you suffer high losses, try to retreat
to a FACTORY or GX-97 TEKNIK for repairs (thereby squeezing four moves into
a single turn: shift, attack, shift again, repair!) This technique allows
you to make bold offensive strikes that would otherwise be too costly to
make. Since moon buggies are so fast, it is easy to use factories for 

HINT: Since Rabbit and Lynx have negligible armor, be sure to use TERRAIN
and SUPPORT from other units to boost their defense!


MB-7 Lynx (+10 AA compared to MB-4):
"This buggy is equipped with indirect attack missiles. It has the ability
to move after attacking but it has a weak defense and is not as mobile as
the MB-8." LYNX cannot attack adjacent ground units (ground targets must
be two hexes away). For airborne enemies, however, LYNX must be adjacent
in order to attack. 
-buggies-  -top-

MB-8 Rabbit (+10 AA compared to MB-5):
"This buggy has great mobility and a capacity to move after attack.
Has powerful anti-surface missiles and a small anti-air gun. Its thin
armor gives it minimal defense." The Rabbit's powerful ground attack
and phenomenal speed makes it quite versatile...but if you aren't savvy
you'll lose them (their armor is pitiful, after all) after a few
-buggies-  -top-


3. Long-Range Attack (Mobile):  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
SG-5 4 40 45 2-5  0 0 Hadrian (+)
Nashorn -> ?
MR-23 4 40 60 2-4  0 0 Octopus (+)
Estool -> ?
HA-55 6 20 40  2 40 2 KanonFodder (new)
Kanon -> Cannon

OVERVIEW: The ability to strike an opponent indirectly is invaluable
because there is no risk to the aggressor: you can bomb the enemy from
a safe distance. Since these units are mobile, they can advance as
your front line advances, unlike fixed artillery (see next section).
Be sure to protect Hadrian, Octopus, and KanonFodder behind your front
lines, however, because they have no means of defending themselves from a
direct attack (they CANNOT attack adjacent units). Don't forget to use
the terrain to boost your defense!

KanonFodder is rarely encountered in the game. Due to its short attack
range, and other quirks (its sole purpose is infantry support), it is not
nearly as useful as Hadrian and Octopus.

IMPORTANT: Hadrian and Octopus may either attack OR shift per turn, but
they CANNOT do both. This means that you always have to be thinking
"one turn ahead" when devising your strategy. For example, you will often
be faced with the following situation: "Should I attack this turn (thus
leaving me vulnerable for attack next turn), or should I shift the unit to
a safer place (thus forfeiting my chance to attack this turn)."


SG-5 Hadrian (+10 DF compared to SG-4):
"This self-propelled gun has a precise 155mm indirect attack cannon.
Because of no direct attack ability, it must have additional support
from other units to survive." Hadrian can either 1) attack or 2) shift
per turn, but it CANNOT do both. Select ATTACK and all available targets
will be highlighted by a hexagon. Remember, Hadrian CANNOT attack
adjacent enemies, so it should NOT be on the front lines.

HINT: Since Hadrian has a range of 2-5 hexes, use it to safely destroy
MR-23 Octopus and SR-22 AtlusShrugged (both of which have a range
of only 4 hexes).  -long range mobile-  -top-

MR-23 Octopus (+10 DF compared to MR-22):
"This self-propelled gun has 24 connected 6mm rockets for indirect attacks.
It has good firepower but lacks precision. Support is needed because of
its light armor." Again, Octopus can either 1) attack or 2) shift
per turn, but it CANNOT do both. Select ATTACK and all available targets
will be highlighted by a hexagon. Remember, Octopus CANNOT attack
adjacent enemies, so it should NOT be on the front lines.

HINT: Don't allow Octopus to get too close to SS-80 Atlus or SG-5 Hadrian,
since they have greater attack range and can strike Octopus first.
  -long range mobile-  -top-

HA-55 KanonFodder (new):
O.K., initially I was totally stumped by this was supposed to
have decent offensive abilities, but in battle I just couldnt get it to
attack (even after extensive trial-and-error). "What is this piece of ****
good for?", I asked. "Absolutely nothing," I answered myself, "except as
target practice and an easy means for my opponent to gain experience."
Hence HA-55s nickname--"cannon fodder." Little did I know, at the time,
that this was quite an appropriate nickname...

Well, it turns out that HA-55 functions as "infantry support" and can
only attack when it is adjacent to infantry (GX-78 Charlie, GX-88 Kilroy,
or GX-97 Teknik) who are required to operate KanonFodder manually.
HA-55 CANNOT attack adjacent enemies; only targets 2 hexes away can be
attacked. With the ability to strike both ground AND air targets,
HA-55's offensive abilities seem promising--but be certain to stay behind
the front lines of battle: HA-55 has thin armor (and thus a pitiful
defenses)--much like the Infantry that must operate it. The nickname
"KanonFodder" suits HA-55 well.

The project to provide an accurate English translation of 
the names and descriptions of new units is documented here.

HINT: Unlike Hadrian and Octopus, HA-55 can SHIFT and ATTACK in the same
turn. Just keep in mind that you may only attack enemies that are
precisely two hexes away from your final destination.

TRIVIA: HA-55 is the ONLY unit in the entire game that must team up
with another unit in order to attack.  -long range mobile-  -top-

5. AeroBlasters: 

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
FX-1 12 30  0 0 90 1 Falcon
AX-87 10 30 70 1 20 1 Eagle
Jabee -> ?
EF-88 11 50 70 1 70 1 Hunter

OVERVIEW: This class of weapons should actually be called "Space Battle
Craft"... Anyway, aircraft (including the C-61 Pelican transport plane)
are incredibly versatile, due to their high mobility, and can be used in
many creative ways (i.e. for SUPPORTING your other troops and SURROUNDING
your opponents). As a result, your opponent will prioritize the
destruction of your airforce--be careful!

HINT: Eagles are great for attacking tanks and other ground units that
lack air offense. Be careful with both Falcons and Eagles: due to their
poor armor, they can be quite vulnerable. Hunters, on the other hand,
have great armor and can devastate both ground and air forces.


FX-1 Falcon:
"The fighter has the ultimate in anti-air attack power and mobility but
has no surface atack power and low defense abilities. Keep away from the
Hunter and the Hawkeye." You better keep Falcon away from AAG-4 Seeker as
well since it will easilly slice through Falcon's thin armor as well.
Falcon can easilly eradicate Eagles, but the only "safe" way to attack
Hunters is to SURROUND them and cut their defense in half (see section
13 for an explanation of Surround Effects).

HINT: If you eliminate your opponent's airforce, the Falcon can still be
used to SUPPORT your other troops and SURROUND your enemies. -aero- -top-

AX-87 Eagle:
"This attack plane is armed with light Stinger anti-air missiles and
heavy surface bombs. It has high mobility but a weak defense so watch
out for anti-air missiles." Since Eagle has pitiful armor, you better
stay away from FX-1 Falcon and EF-88 Hunter in addition to anti-air MM-107
Hawkeye and AAG-4 Seeker. Use Eagle to eradicate vulnerable ground units
(i.e. SS-80 Atlus, tanks, infantry, etc.).

HINT: Sometimes you should keep Eagle safely tucked-away in a FACTORY
until you eliminate all major threats it faces (i.e. Falcons and Hunters)
...otherwise, your Eagle may not last more than a few rounds. -aero- -top-

EF-88 Hunter:
"This fighter-bomber is armed with heavy air missiles and heavy surface
bombs. It is the supreme aircraft with paramount power, mobility and
defense." Hunters are the ultimate death machine. Fear them. In fact,
destroying your opponent's Hunters should be your #1 priority--even a
single Hunter can wreak havoc on your forces. That said, the Hunters under
your command are not immune to poor strategy--so don't get overly cocky and
needlessly sacrifice them.  -aero -top-

6. Anti-Aircraft:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
AAG-4 6 30 30 1 65  1 Seeker
MM107 5 30  0 0 85 2-5 Hawkeye

OVERVIEW: Annihilating your opponent's airforce is often a top priority;
Seeker and Hawkeye are invaluable assets in this endeavor. AX-87 Eagles
and FX-1 Falcons, due to their low defense, make easy targets for Seeker
and Hawkeye. EF-88 Hunters, on the other hand, are stalwart fighters--even
against the mighty Hawkeye--and are one of the most difficult enemies to


AAG-4 Seeker:
"The Seeker is a high power anti-air vehicle with fair surface missiles
as well. It has 4 connected 20mm machine guns and has good mobility but
is weak in defense." Seekers can attack FX-1 Falcon without worry, but
be extremely careful when attacking AX-87 Eagle or EF-88 Hunter (these
aircraft decimate ground units). 

In fact, the best strategy for attacking Eagles and Hunters is to SURROUND
them: use two of your units to flank your opponent on opposite sides. This
way, Seeker is less likely to suffer high losses. Seeker isn't so bad 
attacking ground forces--just don't expect it to be like a tank. Initiate
ground assaults with tanks and save Seeker for "clean up" (follow-up 
assaults).  -anti air -top-

MM-107 Hawkeye:
"The Hawkeye has enormous indirect anti-air attack power but no surface
attack and little defense. Best if used behind the front line to shoot
down incoming air." 

* Hawkeye CANNOT attack adjacent aircraft. Thus, your opponent can place
  their aircraft directly next to your Hawkeye without fear of reprisal. 

* Always strike enemy aircraft with Hawkeye first--indirect attacks allow
  you to weaken your opponent without risk--then send in other units to
  finish the job.

Hawkeye acts as a DETERRENT AGAINST AIRCRAFT--your opponent will take great
pains to keep all aircraft out of range. Simply put, it's not worth
worth sufferring the high losses inflicted by a Hawkeye tucked behind
enemy lines. 

TIP: Hawkeye CANNOT shift and attack in a single turn. As a result, you
should always be thinking "one turn ahead" when devising a strategy. For
example, you will often be faced with the following situation--should I
attack this turn (thus leaving my Hawkeye vulnerable for attack), or should
I shift Hawkeye to a safe place (thus forfeiting a chance to attack).

TIP: Since Hawkeye deters aircraft, you might try to "lure" enemy aircraft
into MM-107's range with "bait" (i.e. infantry, transport vehicles w/ cargo,
AX-87 Eagle, etc.). If your opponent takes the bait, first attack with
Hawkeye (and any other long-range anti-air units), then surround opponent
(to prevent its escape). This is a risky maneuver, of course, and 
shouldn't be attempted unless you can afford to lose the "bait."

TIP: Regardless of what the specs indicate, Hawkeye seems to possess decent
defense. So when Hawkeye outlives its intended use (destroying aircraft),
you SHOULD place Hawkeye on the frontlines to SUPPORT your troops
defensively. In this situation, MM-107 functions as an "obstacle" (akin to
M-77 Trigger) that hinders your opponents advance. When placed on rough
terrain, the ostensibly "helpless" Hawkeye can withstand many assaults.

  -anti air -top-

4. Long Range Artillery (Fixed)
:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
SS-80 0 20 90 2-6 0  0 Atlas
Monokerosu -> Monoceros
SR-22 0 20 45 2-4 40 2-4 AtlasShrugged (new)
Girumoa -> Gilmore?

OVERVIEW: SS-80 and SR-22 are stationary artillery. When removing these
units from a factory, load them into NC-2 Mule or C-61 Pelican. Once
deployed, these units CANNOT be moved, so be sure to place them
strategically (i.e. behind a geographic barrier--such as mountains--to act
as a natural buffer against ground troops; near the route your opponent
would most likely want to travel; just behind your front lines, etc.).

SS-80 and SR-22 CANNOT attack adjacent units, so be sure they are
adequately defended by other units when an enemy is within striking

HINT: The ONLY way to repair damaged SS-80 and SR-22 is with GX-97 Teknik.


SS-80 Atlus:
"The ultimate battle gun with long range and awesome power--a great
performer. Needs transport for mobility and can only move once.
No anti-air ability." The Atlus rules, especially when it gets a full
star for experience (it can take out entire ground units in a single turn).
Thus, Atlus has immense value as a DETERRENT TO GROUND TROOPS--it's just
not worth enduring the high losses inflicted by an Atlus safely tucked
behind the front line.

HINT: Atlas, of course, are helpless against AX-87 Eagle and EF-88 Hunter.
Also, on difficult maps, if you are unable to capture a factory, you may
shift your strategy to preventing your opponent from capturing the
factory...a well-positioned Atlus can (hopefully) destroy any infantry
that attempt to capture said factory.  -artillery -top-

SR-22 AtlasShrugged (new):
This is a more versatile, though less powerful, variation of the Atlas.
AtlasShrugged is effective for attacking both land AND air units. Plus, it
is the ONLY unit in the entire game that can attack TWICE per turn!!
You can attack two different targets in a single turn, or you may attack
the same unit twice.

The project to provide an accurate English translation of 
the names and descriptions of new units is documented here.

HINT: Watch out for SG-5 Hadrian and SS-80 Atlus--their attack range is
greater than SR-22's and allows them to safely bomb SR-22 without risk of

HINT: Dont forget to use both attacks. It is easy to forget, since no
other weapon in the game can do this.  -artillery -top-

7. Infantry: 

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
GX-78 3  4 15 1 10 1 Charlie (+)
Munks -> ?
GX-88 2 20 40 1 20 1 Kilroy (+)
Darbek -> ?
GX-97 3  4  8 1  5 1 Teknik (new)
Fakuta -> Factor(y)?

OVERVIEW: Only infantry and CBX-1 Panther (next entry) can CAPTURE a
Factory or Prison Camp. They are crucial in this respect. Load infantry
into NC-2 MULE or C-61 PELICAN to quickly get them to factories / prison
camps. Teknik must avoid battle at all costs. Charlie should also avoid
battle (although it can handle light skirmishes if you're savvy).
Kilroy can handle (limited) heavy combat if used intelligently (i.e.
as the "clean-up" hitters).

Infantry are the ONLY ground units that can traverse VALLEYS (0%) and
MOUNTAINS (40% terrain). However, Infantry can only go as far as the
valley's edge in a single turn and must wait until the next turn to
actually pass through.

HA-55 KanonFodder only becomes fully operational when it is adjacent
to an infantry unit (otherwise, HA-55 cannot attack).

TIP: As with any unit possessing pitiful armor, infantry must use
the terrain to boost their defense. Defense can also be boosted via
Support Effects.


GX-78 Charlie (+5 LA compared to GX-77):

"Charlie can capture and occupy factories and prisons but has minimal
attack and defense power. Movement is slow so it is best to use
transporters to get close." Charlie is the most common infantry you'll
encounter in the game and are more versatile than you might think. When
opponent is within striking distance, move Charlie off roads/flat ground
and into rough terrain. When GX-78 is no longer needed to capture 
factories and prisons, they are useful for SUPPORTING and SURROUNDING
your troops defensively.  -infantry -top-

GX-88 Kilroy (+10 DF and +10 AA compared to GX-87):
"The heavy infantry has some surface attack and a small air attack.
They can capture and ocupy factories and camps but movement is slow
and defense is low." Kilroy has really been improved from the original
game! True, it's still the slowest unit in the game. But now its defense
is five times better than other infantry (still, that isn't saying much).
Also...behold Kilroy's Land Attack of 40! For wimpy infantry, Kilroy can
cause some serious damage to ground units. Of course, infantry shouldn't
be used to initiate a battle. Let other (stronger) units strike first,
thus weakening the enemy before bringing in Kilroy for clean-up.
  -infantry -top-

GX-97 Teknik (new):
Ahh, GX-97 was a mystery for awhile--I couldnt figure out its purpose.
I kept asking myself, "Why introduce WEAKER infantry when GX-78 Charlie
are already so weak?"

Well, GX-97 is a TECHNICIAN that can REPAIR other units (a mobile factory,
of sorts)! Any unit adjacent to Teknik will increase by a quantity of "2"
per turn. Since you can surround Teknik with up to 6 units, a lone Teknik
can replenish up to 12 pieces of equipment per turn. Yay! On the other
hand, Teknik should AVOID BATTLE AT ALL COSTS (its' offense is anemic and
its' defense is non-existant).

The project to provide an accurate English translation of 
the names and descriptions of new units is documented here.

TIP: GX-97 Teknik is invaluable for repairing STATIONARY units
(i.e. SS-80 Atlas, SR-22 AtlasShrugged, M-77 Trigger) that cannot
otherwise be replenished, as well as SLOW MOVING units (i.e. HMB-4 Giant)
that cannot access factories as swiftly and conveniently as other units.

NOTE: BioHeiki (BT-90/91/92) can ONLY be repaired by Teknik! Sending
BioHeiki to a factory will NOT repair them (but it does provide a sanctuary
from the battlefield).

What is the best method for repairing your damaged forces? While factories
can repair units to 100% in the shortest period of time, your units are
unavailable during the process (2 turns: 1 entering + 1 exiting). 
One advantage of Teknik, then, is that the units being repaired are still
available for battle, if the need arises. Furthermore, Teknik is mobile,
so it might be more convenient to access than a distant factory: can you
afford to send troops across the battlefield--and then wait for them to
journey back to the frontlines--just to use the factory?

Speedy vehicles may not have a problem accessing factories, but slow-moving
units might opt for Teknik. 

Unlike factories, though, Teknik has a limited capacity to repair damaged
troops (two pieces per turn for up to six units), so it will take several
turns for heavilly damaged troops to be fully replenished.

In addition, units being repaired by Teknik are still VULNERABLE to attack!
Factories, on the other hand, provide a safe haven for units as they are
being repaired. Well, a factory is nearly a safe haven: there is the risk
that your factory could be captured and your opponent commandeers all your

Remember, only Teknik can repair BioHeiki (BT-90/91/92) and STATIONARY
units (i.e. fixed artillery, mines, etc.)
  -infantry -top-

8. Little-Honda-Scooter:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
CBX-1 9 8 10 1 10 1 Panther
Dreiper -> ?

CBX-1 Panther:
"These motorcycle troops can capture and occupy factories and camps but
have only a machine gun for attack and defense is minimal. Speed and
mobility are very good."

Panthers are quite fast (especially on paved roads), so they are great
for quickly capturing factories/prison camps. However, Panthers CANNOT
traverse 30%+ terrain--so plan your route accordingly. 

Panther, like infantry, make good "bait" to lure opponents into battle.
While Panther doesn't fare well in battle, it can still be used defensively
to SUPPORT your troops and SURROUND your enemy. 

09. Transport Vehicles:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
NC-2 7 10 10 1 10 1 Mule (+)
C-61 9 10  0 0  0 0 Pelican

OVERVIEW: Transport vehicles are great for swiftly moving troops across
great distances--but Mule and Pelican are absolutely invaluable for
transporting STATIONARY (i.e. SS-80 Atlus) and SLOW MOVING (i.e. GX-88
Kilroy) units. Transport vehicles have WEAK defense, so avoid battle at
all costs when carrying cargo. Thankfully, the cargo itslef CANNOT be
damaged in transport--unless, of course, the entire Mule/Pelican unit is

* A unit CANNOT be loaded and unloaded in a single turn.

* When cargo is unloaded, it must wait until the next turn before
  it can perform any operations. 

* Cargo can ONLY be unloaded on PAVEMENT (0%), FLAT GROUND (5%), or 
  into a FACTORY already under your control. You CANNOT unload cargo
  directly onto a prison camp! (This prevents you, and your opponent,
  from getting "cheap" victories!)

TIP: A single Mule/Pelican can fully transport up to eight (8) items.
So Bison (X 8) can be loaded and transported by Pelican (X 1). Does this
defy logic? Of course! But this only adds fun and a sense of urgency to the
game, because you know that unless you can destroy ALL EIGHT Mules/Pelicans
in a unit, your opponent will be able to deploy the FULL, original cargo as
if nothing happened!  -transport -top-

Success in capturing a factory/camp is often determined by who gets there
FIRST--so load infantry in transport vehicles to swiftly move them to
factories and prison camps.

Stationary equipment such as SS-80 Atlas, SR-22 AtlasShrugged, TB-10
TimeBomb, and MM-7 Trigger cannot move by themselves and must be shifted
with transport vehicles. Once these units are deployed they cannot be
moved again (so be strategic in your placement).

Slow-moving units (i.e. GX-88 Kilroy, T-79 Grizzly, PT-6 Polar, HMB-4
Giant, etc.) should be transported in these units as well. Take note
that INFANTRY are the only slow-moving units that MULE can carry. You
will need PELICAN to transport tanks and other heavier items.
 -transport -top-

You CANNOT load & unload units in a single turn (a minimum of 2 turns is

(a) LOADING a unit onto Pelican/Mule:
To move a unit by means of a transport vehicle, place the cursor on the
unit you wish to transport and press "I". Select "Shift" command by
pressing "I" once more--a hex grid is displayed revealing the unit's shift
range. Place the cursor on the hexagon of the PELICAN or MULE and press "I".
Press "I" once more to confirm; your unit is now loaded on the transport

(b) UNLOADING unit from Pelican/Mule:
Place cursor on transport vehicle, press "I". Select "Shift" command.
A hex grid will display the shift range of the transport vehicle. When you
are finished moving PELICAN/MULE, the transport vehicle will automatically
try to UNLOAD the cargo. Hexagons will highlight where cargo may be
unloaded. Choose a hex and press "I" to unload (press "II" to keep the
cargo aboard). Remember, cargo can only be deployed on PAVEMENT (0%)
or FLAT LAND (5%). -transport -top-


NC-2 Mule (+1 shifting compared to NC-1):
"The Mule transports mines, infantry, motorcycles and field guns.
Vulnerable to attack during transportation so support is needed.
Fair mobility and limited attack."
Neo Nectaris offers an improved, faster version of the Mule--unfortunately,
it still suffers from thin armor and weak offense. Mules are fastest on
paved roads, but be careful--roads offer no defensive advantage.

C-61 Pelican:
"This transport plane can air lift all units except other aircraft.
There is no attack ability and defense is small but mobility is great.
Watch for other attack aircraft." Watch out for anti-aircraft MM-107 
Hawkeye and AAG-4 Seeker (in addition to FX-1 Falcon and EF-88 Hunter
aircraft) because all of these units can eradicate Pelican in the blink
of an eye.  -transport -top-


10. Mines:  -top-

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname
M-77 0 80 0  0 0 0 Trigger
Yamaarashi -> ?
KM-55 9 40 0  0 0 0 KrazeeTrigger (new)
Rappuru -> Rappel?
(German for "Explosion")
TB-10 0 90 80 1-2 0 0 TimeBomb (new)
Maito2 -> Might2

OVERVIEW: Mines are often underutilized in Nectaris games, but when
deployed strategically (using NC-2 MULE or C-61 PELICAN), they can be
incredibly useful. Actually, KM-55 doesn't need to be transported since
it can fly and has tremendous speed.

STRATEGY: Use mines to block access through a narrow route. Or, use mines
as a "decoy": the computer priortizes the destruction of mines and is often
distracted by them. These assaults would otherwise be levelled at your
more important troops, so be grateful the mines are bearing the brunt
of the attack. Use GX-97 Teknik to repair mines!

Triggers & TimeBombs have very high defense (80 & 90, respectively) that
is rarely matched by other equipment. You can TAP INTO this defense by
placing your other troops adjacent to M-77 and TB-10 (thereby boosting 
your other troops defense significantly). See section 11 "support effects"
for more info.

The project to provide an accurate English translation of 
the names and descriptions of new units is documented here.


M-77 Trigger:
"The land mines are used to interupt enemy advancement. Movement is only
possible by truck or air transporter and can only be moved once. High
defense capacity. No attack."  -mines -top-

KM-55 KrazeeTrigger (new):
A great addition to the game, they are airborne and highly mobile mines--
consider them "flying Triggers." 
TIP: KrazeeTrigger are highly effective at blocking units lacking air attack
(i.e. tanks). Even more important: think of KM-55 as part of your AIRFORCE
and use it in coordination with your aircraft to get rid of those pesky
Guicy Hunters. Due to their high mobility, KM-55 are well-suited for
SUPPORTING your troops and SURROUNDING your enemy (section 11).
  -mines -top-

TB-10 TimeBomb (new):
Interesting addition, but not nearly as versatile as the KrazeeTrigger. 
Once deployed, a TB-10 cannot be moved. After 2 turns, the TimeBomb will
automatically detonate and destroy any unit in a two-hex radius.
For example, if TimeBomb is deployed in turn 1, it will be armed for
turn 3 and detonate at the onset of the round.

When TB-10 detonates, it has a BLAST RADIUS OF 2 be sure to 
keep your troops out of range, otherwise they will be destroyed by 
TimeBomb's devastating explosion.

TIP: It is possible to attack a TimeBomb, but to overcome its daunting
defense, you must SURROUND TB-10 (thereby cutting its defense in half)...
and you had better be quick.

TIP: Since all ground-units within a 2 hex radius of an exploding
TimeBomb will suffer high losses, try to TRAP your opponent within 
TB-10's blast radius. This tactic is difficult to execute, but very 
satisfying when accomplished.

TRIVIA: TB-10 TimeBomb is unique for its breadth of attack. Upon 
detonationn, no less than 18 hexes surrounding TB-10 are 
affected. All other weapons in the game affect no more
than a SINGLE hex at a time.   -mines -top-

11. BioHeiki: 

ID # SH DF LA LR AA AR Nickname

DaddyLongLegs (new)
Gaadin -> Guardian?

BioBeast (new)
Majuu -> Demon?

Rodan-sans-wings (new)
Burenaa -> Brenner?
(German for "Burner")


All trademarks copyright of the
Guicy Empire (Mars Division).

OVERVIEW: BioHeiki (literally "Biological Weapons/Arms") are a fantastic
addition to Neo Nectaris. Unlike all other weapons in the series--in which
a unit is comprised of eight individual tanks, planes, etc.--BioHeiki are
singular, gargantuan opponents. They are the strongest, most fearsome
opponents you will encounter in the entire series of Nectaris titles.

The project to provide an accurate English translation of 
the names and descriptions of new units is documented here.

!!! Spoiler !!! 
After victory on the Moon (map 12), the Union sends a fleet to Mars,
where the Guicy have developed BioTech weapons. When BioHeiki are
"born" they are not fully mature and are therefore less powerful.
The maturation process occurs over five turns, with the BioHeiki gradually
gaining strength each turn until they are fully mature (and omnipotent)
by the fifth turn. Of course, each type of BioHeiki has a particular
strength--so each of the three BioHeiki mature in their own unique manner. 
!!! End of Spoiler !!!

So, you've sent your troops to battle BioHeiki--but even your most 
powerful units couldn't make a dent (and subsequently got slaughtered)...
And to add to the frustration, you've noticed that during the battle
scenes, text reading "NO DATA" is displayed in place of BioHeiki's hit
points. Similarly, when you are on the main map (or in the "GUIDE") and
inspect the attributes of BioHeiki, a question mark ("?") is displayed
instead of hit points (a.k.a. quantity). How should "NO DATA" and "?" be

BioHeiki are not indestructible, of course, but they behave unlike any
other units in the game. 

"NO DATA" and "?" simply means the BioHeiki are at 100% "full strength."
So, if "NO DATA" and "?" remain after a battle, your attack was futile
and the BioHeiki survived the assault unscathed. Your offensive strikes
are simply too weak and a more thoughtful and resourceful offensive strategy
is necessary (see below). When you are able to inflict serious damage
on BioHeiki, the "NO DATA" and "?" will disappear and revert back to
numerals (but it will most likely revert to a quantity of "8", which, for
normal units, is considered "full strength").  
-BioHeiki -top-

STRATEGY: First, some general (but pertinent) advice for battling 
BioHeiki. It is ideal to attack BioHeiki when they are in their weakest
state (turns 1-4). For most maps, however, such a strategy is rarely 
feasible. All BioHeiki--even those in factories--reach maturation on the
fifth turn, so don't be caught off-guard. To avoid heavy losses when 
fighting tough opponents, it is always wise to flank enemies on opposite
sides (thereby cutting their offense & defense in half--see section 11 on
"surround effect"). However, since BioHeiki are so powerful, you must
combine both SURROUND and SUPPORT strategies when attacking them ...
and then only attack with the most offensively powerful units at your
disposal. It is O.K. to use wimpy units to surround BioHeiki, but don't
initiate battle with them--they will be destroyed in a single turn.
Thankfully, BioHeiki CANNOT be repaired in factories (but BioHeiki may
be housed in a factory as a sanctuary from battle).  BioHeiki CAN be
repaired by GX-97 Teknik, however, so be careful.  As you can see,
GX-97 Teknik are invaluable--they are the only means of repairing 
stationary units (i.e. artillery, mines, etc.) and now, BioHeiki.
-BioHeiki -top-


BT-90 DaddyLongLegs
BT-90 is a ground-based unit that is pretty slow (shift = 4), so it's 
only slightly more agile than Infantry, HMB-4 Giant, and  BT-91 (below).
It's a good thing that BT-90 is relatively slow, though, because when
it matures it's exoskeleton armor is nearly impenetrable (the only other
unit in the game with a defense of "90" is TB-10 TimeBomb).  Most of the
troops under your command lack the offensive strength to breach armor
this strong, so be careful.  The other BioHeiki are powerful, but since
they have weaker defense, you have a decent chance of breaching their
armor and causing at least some damage.  BT-90, on the other hand, will
frequently emerge from such battles unscathed.

Turn  Defense
1-2     60 
3-4     70
 5      90

BT-90's armor matures into an impenetrable defense.
Due to the unique features of BioHeiki, BT-90's defense
is technically stronger than that of TB-10 TimeBomb.
-BioHeiki -top-

BT-91 BioBeast
Like BT-90 (above), BT-91 is a ground-based unit with sloth-like 
shifting abilities.  The only unit slower than BT-90 is GX-97 
Teknik (shift = 2). You will be grateful that this BioHeiki is
so slow, however, because BT-91 matures into a brutal offensive
slaughterhouse.  BT-90 is similar to HMB-4 Giant, so apply the same
offensive and defensive strategies you use with Giant to BT-91.

Turn  Land/Air Attack
1-2        60    
3-4        70
 5         90

BT-91 matures into a brutal offensive slaughterhouse.  It
combines FX-1's superior air offense with the superior
ground offense of SS-80 Atlus/HMB-4 Giant.
-BioHeiki -top-

BT-92 Rodan-sans-wings
BT-92 is an airborne enemy that attacks with a single, powerful missile.
It's offensive strength lies in attacking ground units--not battling 
FX-1 Falcons or EF-88 Hunters.  If you recall, AX-87 Eagle is similar to
BT-92 in this respect ... so think of BT-92 as an Eagle-on-steroids and
apply the same offensive/defensive strategies to BT-92.

Turn  Shifting
1-2      5
3-4     10
 5      14
When BT-92 is fully mature, it is the fastest
unit in the entire game.  Even the swift FX-1
Falcon (shift = 12 hexes) pales in comparison.
-BioHeiki -top-