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Nectaris GB FAQ  &  GB KISS LINK FAQ  (1998, Hudson Soft, Gameboy)


table of contents


01    homepage for Nectaris GB FAQ
02    table of contents for Nectaris GB FAQ
03    intro / background info for Nectaris GB (Gameboy)
04 GB KISS LINK FAQ (Gameboy Modem, Hudson Soft)
05 how-to-play Nectaris GB (Gameboy)
06 Nectaris GB weapon guide  ( bonus!  look at  1  2  3 )
07 instruction manual scans for Nectaris GB (Gameboy)
08 package, cartridge & media scans for Nectaris GB (Gameboy)
09 cheats & passwords for Nectaris GB (Gameboy)


Please contact me if you can help :  explain how GB KISS MAIL / GB KISS LINK worked ;  explain how Hudson's website supported the GB Kiss Link (what content could be downloaded? what was the process like?) ;   translate the instruction manual (pages 30-42); submit screen- shots; share magazine coverage of this game -- or any other game featured on BASE NECTARIS, etc.).  For example, I am trying to document (and verify) that Hudson (Japan) held a contest in which contestants designed maps for two upcoming Nectaris games released in 1998 (namely, Nectaris GB  and PlayStation Nectaris).  What was the contest like? Magazine coverage?  P.S. I will purchase your GB KISS LINK!
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