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Nectaris GB FAQ & GB KISS LINK FAQ  (1998 Hudson Soft, Gameboy, Japan)

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Welcome to the first (perhaps only) resource dedicated to Nectaris GB  (1998 Hudson Soft, Gameboy, Japan), a turn- based war strategy game set on the lunar surface of Earth's moon.  Nectaris GB is a faithful, though aesthetically- challenged, port of the original 1989 PC-Engine game -- Nectaris -- which was re-titled as Military Madness when it made its Stateside appearance (late '89) on the TurboGrafx-16 (the North American version of NEC's PC-Engine console). Unfortunately, Nectaris GB remains virtually unknown to gamers outside of Japan; even amongst Nectaris fans, this Gameboy version is often dismissed as nothing more than a mere rehash of the original. This website aims to rectify this sad state of affairs:
( 1 )  gamers unfamiliar with the Nectaris series will find answers to their basic Nectaris GB questions here
( 2 )  how does this Gameboy version of Nectaris compare to the other installments?  Go here to find out.
( 3 )  jaded fans of Nectaris -- especially those who have dismissed Nectaris GB as offering nothing but a poor imitation of the original game -- will be INTRIGUED by:
(a)  Nectaris GB's neat features  ( namely, the ability to create and save maps with the MAP EDITOR and then sharing these maps & game saves with fellow Gameboy owners,  via GB KISS MAIL ), and ... 
(b)  the unique Gameboy peripheral device supported by NectarisGB  (namely, the GB KISS LINK -- an infra-red modem that allows game data to be transferred between Gameboy and a personal computer (PC Windows 95/98).  Actually, it gets even neater:  new game content (i.e. exclusive maps) could be downloaded from the Hudson Soft website onto a personal computer, which in turn could be transferred (via GB KISS LINK), onto a Nectaris GB Gameboy cartridge. Neat, huh?  You may also be curious about...  
(c)  the "Design-A-Map Contest" held in Japan by Hudson Soft in cooperation with LOG-IN magazine: 44 winning map designs were included on the 1998 Gameboy and PlayStation installments of Nectaris.
I NEED YOUR HELP :  As you can see, this site strives to offer something for everyone, be they newbies (who simply need introductory material) or veterans (who seek trivia and obscure minutiae). I have tried to provide content that is relevant and of interest to a wide audience. If you can contribute to this site in any way (especially concerning the "Design-A-Map" CONTEST, the GB KISS features, the GB KISS LINK MODEM), please contact me.  Thanks.

This site is a tiny part of BASE NECTARIS, a project covering all things Nectaris.  FAQs, Box Scans, Weapon Guides, Cheats, Trivia, and more await you !

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