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Nectaris: Military Madness FAQ  (1998 Hudson Soft, PlayStation)

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Welcome to the most extensive resource dedicated to Nectaris (1998 Hudson Soft, PlayStation Japan), a turn-based war strategy game set on the lunar surface of Earth's moon. Barring some aesthetic face-lifts (most prominent in the battle scenes), this PlayStation update of Nectaris remains resolutely faithful to the original 1989 PC-Engine version of the game (which was re-titled as Military Madness when it was released in the U.S. on the TurboGrafx-16 console -- the North American moniker for NEC's PC-Engine console).  This brief history should help explain why the updated 1998 PlayStation version of this game was was re-titled Nectaris: Military Madness (1999 Jaleco, PlayStation North America) for its stateside release.  Still, the Nectaris series remains relatively unknown in the States (only two Nectaris titles, mentioned above, were officially released here), but this website aims to rectify the current state of affairs:

( 1 )  gamers unfamiliar with the Nectaris series will find answers to their basic Nectaris questions here.

( 2 )  how does this PlayStation version of Nectaris compare to the other installments in the series? Go here to find out.
( 3 )  jaded fans of Nectaris might be CURIOUS about novelties such as:
(a)  the "NECTARIS OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK" -- one of the few, perhaps only, Nectaris guides ever published; scans of artwork and sample pages are available on this site.
(b)  the "Design-A-Map Contest" held in Japan by Hudson Soft in cooperation with LOG-IN magazine -- 44 winning map designs were included on the 1998 PlayStation and Gameboy installments of Nectaris.    
(c)  the Japanese game manual (see how much prettier it is than its North American counterpart).
I NEED YOUR HELP :  As you can see, this site strives to offer something for everyone, be they newbies (who simply need introductory material) or veterans (who seek trivia and obscure minutiae).  If you can contribute to this site in ANY way (especially concerning screenshots, the "Design-A-Map" CONTEST and other GUIDE BOOKS published for prior Nectaris releases), please contact me. Thanks.

This site is a tiny part of BASE NECTARIS, a project covering all things Nectaris.  FAQs, Box Scans, Weapon Guides, Cheats, Trivia, and more await you !

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