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Nectaris Official Guide Book FAQ / 1998 PlayStation Nectaris FAQ  (U.S. title "Nectaris: Military Madness")

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  Nectaris (PlayStation)  instruction manual scans:


The 26-page    Japanese Nectaris game manual    and the stunningly uninspired    North American Nectaris manual    (18 pages) have been scanned in their entirety and are available for your viewing pleasure.  The Japanese instruction manual features an advertisement for the Nectaris Official Guide Book --  one of the very few stand-alone guide books (perhaps only?) to accompany a Nectaris title (for more information on this Famitsu / ascii / ASPECT publication, please visit the Nectaris Official Guide Book page on this website) .  The dearth of guide books for Nectaris games stands in stark contrast to magazine coverage of the series, which is generally pretty good.
The Japanese manual has two additional items of interest to folks who are fans of the PC Engine and/or Hudson Soft:   (1) an advertisement for the very cute and compact Bomberman Selector (for 1,980 yen, roughly $18 USD, you can get an audio / video selector that connects up to 3 audio / video components to a television with RCA A / V jacks), and of course (2) an invitation to join Hudson Soft's Hyper Fun Club and Humor Network (to get the latest news on Hudson Soft releases and to purchase merchandise emblazoned with Hudson mascots, such as Bomberman). 
Getting back to the issue at hand, it is interesting to compare the two manuals: the overall design and attention-to-detail in the Japanese manual is impressive, while the U.S. manual is spartan (Aside: I guess I should be grateful that Jaleco even decided to bring it over to the States).  Perhaps the best way to illustrate this point is to compare the weapon guides provided in each manual.  The Japanese manual features a lush layout with full-color artwork printed on glossy pages  ( page 1  page 2 page 3), whereas the U.S. manual looks like an abridged and poorly photocopied imitation of the source material ( page 4  page 5 ).  Enjoy!

Nectaris Instruction Manual
(PlayStation, Japan)

   00-00  cover   ( BONUS: an invitation to join Hudson Soft's Humor Network and Hyper Fun Club )    
   00-01  table of contents ;  storyline
   02-03  controller functions ;   title screen menu
   04-05  hex as measurement for distance ;  flowchart explaining turn-based gameplay
   06-07  screen layout ;  SHIFT command 
   08-09  direct and indirect attack ;  GUIDE command
   10-11  zone of control (ZOC);  how battle experience, terrain, & offense / defense affect battle
   12-13  terrain effects ;  saving / continuing
   14-15  map editor (how to create your own maps)
   16-17  map editor (saving loading custom maps)
   18-19  weapon guide (unit specifications)
   20-21  weapon guide (continued)
   22-23  weapon guide ;  advertisement for Hudson Soft's Bomberman Audio / Video Selector
   24-25  advertisement for Nectaris Official Guide Book published in 1998 by Famitsu / ascii / aspect    
  Note:  images may take a long time to download since they are large files (80-120K)  

Nectaris: Military Madness Instruction Manual
(PlayStation, North America)

   00-00  cover
   00-00  table of contents ;  precautions
   01-02  controller functions
   03-04  operation of title screen menu options ;  some modes must be UNLOCKED  (i.e. 2-player)
   05-06  creating your own map ;  command menu explained  ( MOVE, ATTACK, STATS, END )
   07-08  OPTION menu (START BUTTON) ;  increasing offensive / defensive strength 
   09-10  table summarizing how terrain affects your MOBILITY and DEFENSE
   11-12  weapon guide  (aircraft, transport vehicles & tanks)
   13-14  weapon guide  (anti-air, infantry, etc.)
   15-16  PASSWORDS for first five levels ;  credits
Note:  images may take a long time to download since they are large files (80-120K)


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