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Nectaris Official Guide Book FAQ / 1998 PlayStation Nectaris FAQ  (U.S. title "Nectaris: Military Madness")

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As noted on the previous page, the majority of artwork in the Nectaris Official Guide Book consists of detailed, technical drawings of weapons (like this one for the S-63 Bison battle tank).  Truth be told, there aren't too many illustrations to get excited about.  Sure, the technical drawings in the weapon guide are detailed...but, in general, they are too formal, dry and sterile to evoke sustained interest (still, I am sure some Nectaris fans will appreciate the verisimilitude of the weapon guide).  Personally, I prefer "cuter" depictions of the weapons (like those found in the original PC Engine game manual:  cute 1  cute 2  ).  Too corny and cartoon-like for your tastes?  Well, I also enjoy the more realistic depictions of the Nectaris universe; below you will find scans for some of the better, more interesting illustrations included in the Nectaris Official Strategy Guide.  Enjoy!

Nectaris Official Guide Book (Japan, 1998, PlayStation)


Light and heavy infantry on the moon

jules verne would have loved this

Finally, we have a kool depiction of the infantry.  Light infantry (GX-77) are in the foreground, with a lone GX-78 heavy infantry in the background (note different armaments).  In the original manual from 1989, the infantry were depicted as either ...  ... robbie the robot clones or classic sci-fi DEEP SEA DIVERS (above).  See,  the grunts really do resemble something you would find in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The image above is from this page in  the original PC-Engine manual.

infantry suiting-up

a lesson in lunar astronomy

This is one of the few times you'll ever see a portrayal of the human soldiers who operate and pilot the weapons in the Nectaris universe.  In the entire series,  there is but a single appearance of humans "in-the-flesh" :  upon successfully completing Nectaris GB  (Gameboy), there is one image in the ending cinema that portrays infantry with their helmets off (similar to the illustration above--except it's a corny scene in which a group of grinning soldiers are huddled together). In case you were wondering where the title of the game is derived from:  "Mare Nectaris (the 'sea of nectar') is a lunar mare. The Lunar maria (singular: mare) are large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth's Moon, formed by ancient basaltic flood eruptions caused by extremely large meteoroid impacts. They were dubbed maria, Latin for 'seas', by early astronomers who mistook them for actual seas. The maria cover 16% of the lunar surface."  See? You can learn stuff from video games.
is this base nectaris? HMB-2 Giants boarding C-61 Pelicans

Here is a launching pad for spacecraft ( &  isn't MOA -- GUICY's secret weapon -- housed underneath this?). I think this is BASE NECTARIS (since a similar structure is featured in the intro and closing cinemas)... but it could just be a generic base and not the game's namesake.

Everyone's favorite troop carrier, the C-61 Pelican, can handle the heaviest of cargo.  In this scene, HMB-2 Giants are being transported.  If it were not for Pelicans, Giants would never be able to get to the front lines in a timely manner, since they are the slowest unit in the entire game.  

or is this base necaris?

clearly, this is one of the Guicy strongholds
I have dubbed this GUICY's  (XENON's)  "floating fortress", but an acquaintance suggested that this is not a military structure at all.  This behemoth is responsible for stripping the moon of its natural resources and sending the minerals back to Earth.  In this picture, the minerals are being sent to Earth ( I think they are transported via an "energy beam"... ) The "floating fortress" is designed to plant itself into the surface of the moon (as pictured above) during the mining process (and when a more permanent home is required).  I don't think BASE NECTARIS is anywhere to seen in this complex, so MOA (the doomsday uber-weapon) isn't lurking underneath (as I had initially assumed). 




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