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Nectaris Official Guide Book FAQ / 1998 PlayStation Nectaris FAQ  (U.S. title "Nectaris: Military Madness")

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The Nectaris Official Guide Book was published by Famitsu (ascii / ASPECT) in spring 1998, in tandem with the release of the PlayStation and Gameboy Nectaris titles.  As far as I can tell, this book is one of the few (if only) examples of Nectaris "merchandising" ever released (outside of software, of course).  As such, this guide is somewhat of a novelty.  Originally retailing at 1400 yen (approximately $13 USD), the Nectaris Official Guide Book has a soft cover (with a separate, glossy jacket) and is over 200 pages in length (black & blue ink printed on a thick "newsprint" paper stock).


An advertisement for the  NECTARIS OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK  from the Japanese instruction manual for the PlayStation version of Nectaris.  Here is a depiction of the GUICY (XENON) lunar stronghold -- BASE NECTARIS -- your ultimate objective.  Original artwork like this accompanies the first two sections of the guide (i.e. storyline & weapon guide).  See below for more art scans. Published  in 1998 as a companion to Nectaris on PlayStation.   Soft cover.   ISBN 4-7572-0064-1


This guide book was targeted at folks who needed assistance with the Sony PlayStation (PSX)  version of Nectaris and includes strategy guides for each and every map found in the PSX game (108 maps).  However, many of the maps featured on the PlayStation release can be found elsewhere:  the 44 "Contest Winner" maps are also featured on the Gameboy title (i.e. Nectaris GB),  whereas the 32 maps comprising "Legend Story" are featured on each and every Nectaris title ever released.  This guide, therefore, can be useful to anyone who is stumped by one or more of the aforementioned maps.  [Even if you cannot read kana / kanji, you may still pick up a few hints by studying the troop movements that are depicted in each map -- for an example of this, click on the strategy key or sample map below.]

Nectaris Official Guide Book  (1998, Japan, PlayStation)

front cover back cover weapon guide strategy key sample map
Appropriately, S-63 Bison,   a mainstay in the series, graces the cover. 1400 yen  ($13 USD) cover price.  FX-1 Falcon is on the back cover. Entry for battle tank S-63 Bison. The attention to detail is apparent. An explanation of the format & symbols used in the guide.  Here is the strategy guide for MEANEC (map 16 / 108).


The guidebook's layout is pretty standard: you get a recap of the Nectaris storyline (accompanied by a few images), an illustrated weapon guide (technical drawings --identical to the one's featured on the cover of the guidebook-- accompany each entry), and of course strategy hints and advice for waging battle in every map.  A huge, 2-page table summarizing weapon specifications for every unit rounds out the guide.  HELP:  If you can help translate parts of the guidebook please contact me (I'm most interested in gleaning information about the "design-a-map" contest held by Hudson Soft).



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