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Neo Nectaris FAQ (1994, PC-Engine DUO, Japan)

WELCOME!  You have stumbled upon the Neo Nectaris FAQ / Strategy Guide, the first and most extensive English- language resource dedicated to this little-known (and thus under-appreciated) video game from yesteryear.
Aren't you eager to learn why Neo Nectaris is so specialNeo Nectaris (1994, Super CD, Hudson Soft) was only released in Japan for NEC's DUO / PC-Engine + CD video game consoles, so most of the user-interface is in Japanese. However, if you use this FAQ to decipher the kana / kanji, you will find that you do NOT need to know Japanese to play this game.  In fact, if you have played any of the titles in the Nectaris Series (i.e. Military Madness on the TurboGrafx-16 console), then you will easily adapt to the interface of Neo Nectaris.

The Neo Nectaris FAQ is available in several formats:

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no frills, text-only version
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for veterans of Nectaris / 
Military Madness games
WHY DOES THE NEO NECTARIS FAQ EXIST?  Simple. There are no English-language FAQs, let alone websites, that focus on Neo Nectaris. But, you might point out, folks have already written fantastic FAQs for the original 1989 game (Nectaris, PC-Engine / Military Madness, TurboGrafx-16),  as well as for the more recent 1998 update on the PlayStation  (Nectaris: Military Madness, PSX). Isn't Neo Nectaris nearly identical to these games? Does it really warrant its own FAQ?
Well, it certainly is true that all Nectaris titles share similar gameplay, utilize the same game engine and share a core arsenal of weapons . . . But no, they are not identical games.  As it turns out, Neo Nectaris is quite unique in that: 
( 1 )  Neo Nectaris features several military units UNAVAILABLE elsewhere.  This FAQ provides an extensive explanation and strategy guide for these eight new weapons (including a verbatim English translation of the names and descriptions of these Neo-exclusive units). Even veteran Nectaris players will find this useful because the purpose and operation of these new weapons are not entirely self-evident. See Quick Guide for a summary of the new units. Trivia:  the German PC (DOS / Win 95) version of Nectaris was the only other title to introduce new weapons.
( 2 )  Did you know that many of the weapon specifications in Neo Nectaris have been altered from those found in the original game?  Every change is documented in the NEO NECTARIS WEAPON GUIDETrivia:  No other game in the series deviated from the original specifications.
( 3 )  Neo Nectaris features an improved user-interface -- laden with kanji, of course -- that can seem confusing at first (since the layout of menus, commands, and information have been slightly altered).  Trivia:  again, this is the only game in the series to deviate from the standard interface format.
Those are the three primary justifications for this FAQ. As noted, even veteran Nectaris / Military Madness players will need time to adjust to Neo Nectaris ... so this FAQ will aid novices and veterans alike. And for folks who are truly obsessed with Neo Nectaris:
( 4 )  This FAQ is the exclusive source for magazine coverage of the game:  PC-Engine Fan, March 1994, features a short primer on Neo Nectaris, whereas  PC-Engine Capsule Volume 6  (a print magazine + CD-ROM DEMO DISC)  features a playable demo of Neo Nectaris.  And finally, of course, you will find scans of the game manual and packaging.

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