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Neo Nectaris FAQ (1994, PC-Engine DUO)

  neo nectaris cinema scenes:


Neo Nectaris has three cinematic sequences -- opening, midpoint, ending -- and they are organized accordingly in this section. Since the narration is in Japanese, we have only the North American versions of Nectaris -- namely, Military Madness (1989 TurboGrafx-16) and the PlayStation update Nectaris: Military Madness (1999 PSX) -- to guide our English translation of Neo Nectaris.  This is a shame because Neo Nectaris marked the first and only time Hudson Soft expand- ed upon the basic storyline and attempted to be at least somewhat innovative (all other Nectaris games recycle the same storyline as the original 1989 release; Neo Nectaris also recycles this storyline, but at least it introduces a few twists along the way to keep things fresh).  Of course, this is not an RPG, so the short cinemas are essentially eye candy (although the midpoint cinema works well to explain the shift in gameplay).  BE FOREWARNED, there are some minor SPOILERS ahead, so if you don't want your virgin eyes tainted, you should avert them now.


opening cinema sequence:

Lavender Union Troops Shattered remains of Guicy tanks
Lunar graveyard Imperial powers battle over natural resources
Swelling ranks of the Guicy Army Swelling ranks of the Guicy Army
Union troops advance upon Guicy strongholds Union reinforcements enroute to Moon
Union troops exiting carrier craft The battle for the Moon has begun
Mysterious Guicy troops -- who, or what, are they? End of opening cinema

Luckily, this opening cinema to Neo Nectaris closely follows the storyline from the  original Nectaris / Military Madness, so you should check out the original illustrated storyline if you haven't already done so.  The visuals in the Neo Nectaris opening sequence focus more heavily on portraying the lunar battles and troop deployments of Guicy and Union troops, but the storylines are almost identical...almost.  Thankfully, Neo Nectaris keeps things fresh and interesting by fore- shadowing some new twists in the storyline (this is achieved by showing us a brief glimpse of some mysterious -- they are literally shrouded in mist -- and rather unusual-looking Guicy troops at the close of the cinema).  What are they?



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