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Nectaris / Military Madness FAQ  (1989 PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)

  storyline & cinema scenes:


Here are English translations of the introductory cinema as well as the game over sequence. The storyline in Nectaris is simple, but adequate, and remains essentially the same throughout the entire series (except for Neo Nectaris, which embellishes and expands upon the basic story).  So, you might be wondering, in regard to the Nectaris storyline, are there any discrepancies between the North American version and the original Japanese version?  Well, the answer is "yes", but they are relatively minor alterations.  Some changes are easy to identify without any knowledge of the Japanese language:
*  "Guicy Empire"  became  "Axis Empire"
*  "Union"  became  "Allied Powers"   (It seems the U.S. went with a WWII theme when localizing)
*  "MOA Missile"  became  "S.A.M."  ("Supreme Atomic Missile" -- a silly acronym for a doomsday weapon)
PBSaffran (who was gracious enough to provide the English translations) notes that many additional discrepancies exist between the U.S. and Japanese storylines.  According to PBSaffran, "The US version turns it all more dramatic. There aren't any big mistakes, but there's a lot of text that just isn't there in the Japanese version."  He also attempts to explain why your opponent in the Nectaris series is called Guicy :  "The Empire is called "guy-tchee", which could be an attempt at saying "geizig", "greedy" in German. "Geiz" means "Greed" and is pronounced "guy-ts", which is not that far off."  Thank you again, PBSaffran, for providing the commentaries & translations below.


original 1989 introductory cinema (JP vs. US)



(Japanese original on PC-Engine)


Military Madness
(North American version on TurboGrafx-16)

  ...The 21st Century... 

Mankind has extended it's territory to the moon, and the extracted resources are added to the Earth's resources.
But the most powerful nations have been fighting over these [resources on the moon], and the Guicy Empire has been especially eager to monopolize them.
NOTE:  The Guicy Empire is called  "guy-tchee", which could be an attempt at saying "geizig", "greedy" in German. "Geiz" means "Greed" and is pronounced "guy-ts", which is not that far off.
Finally, on April 6, 2089, the Guicy Empire's army launches an all out attack and captures most of the moon.
NOTE:  Just drop the last line of the English text.
The Guicy Army now occupies most of the moon's factories where they are continually producing new weapons.
NOTE:  Let the info about "attacking the Earth" drop from the English text. They're producing new kinds of weapons, more isn't said.
All those who tried to rebel were dispatched between several prisons on the moon.
NOTE:  More isn't said--the U.S. version elaborated on the story.
All the while, the Guicy Empire had been working on the launch of the MAO missile, their ultimate weapon in their attack on the Earth.
NOTE:  The name of the doomsday weapon has changed from MOA to S.A.M.
The people who learned of the MOA project planned on escaping the prisons. Their goal was to reach the MOA missile's launch site, Base Nectaris.  
NOTE: The TurboGrafx-16 translation never mentions "Base Nectaris" as the key target.
Now, the future of the planet Earth is in your hands...  
NOTE:  The U.S. version adds  (or makes explicit)  the objective of freeing prisoners in the game--an improvement.

bonus trivia:  translation of "game over"


If you have played any of the Nectaris games, then you probably know the "GAME OVER" sequence all too well.  Most folks skipped this sequence (by hitting the RUN button), but I always let it run its course (and thus allow myself to take a break from a frustrating map).  The GAME OVER sequence was a painfully torturous experience (waiting for the text to slowly scroll) as the TG-16 pumped out a dirge, but in the end you were rewarded with the classic GAME OVER screen featuring an image of an abandoned, tattered tank on the lunar surface.  A variation of this scene is found in nearly every game in the series.  Again, thanks go out to PBSaffran for providing the English translation below.

Nectaris (Original)

English Translation

Military Madness (North America)
On May 18th, 2089, the battle of Mare Nectaris ended in a sweeping victory for the Guicy Empire. The Union Troops were dismembered, and as planned the MOA missile was launched at the Earth. On July 21st, each land had signed a treaty of unconditional surrender, and it was confirmed that the Earth was under control of the Guicy Empire. The name of Mare Nectaris, where the decisive battle for the future of the Earth took place, will remain in the people's heart, associated with painful memories.
You failed your title of Commander. 

... the strategy was a failure. 


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