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Nectaris / Military Madness FAQ  (1989 PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)

  package, HuCard & media scans


Here are scans for both the Japanese and North American versions of Nectaris.  As far as "packaging" is concerned: in Japan titles were sold in shrink-wrapped plastic jewel cases; only North American titles were packaged in a box.

  package FRONT  (nectaris, pc engine) package BACK  (nectaris, pc engine) package SPINE  (nectaris, pc engine) HuCard FRONT  (nectaris, pc engine) HuCard BACK  (nectaris, pc engine) Nectaris
PC Engine
package FRONT  (military madness, turbografx-16) package BACK  (military madness, turbografx-16) package SPINE  (military madness, turbografx-16) HuCard FRONT  (military madness, turbografx-16) HuCard BACK  (military madness, turbografx-16)

Military Madness

North America

package front package back spine HuCard front HuCard back


PC-Engine/Duo (TurboGrafx-16/TurboDuo) supported two media formats: CD-ROM and HuCard (a.k.a. "TurboChip" in North America; Hudson Soft developed the card format for NEC, hence the term "HuCard").  HuCard's were roughly the size of a credit card (but slightly thicker). They came with a protective plastic vinyl sleeve and were stored in a CD jewel case (modified to accommodate HuCard's instead of CD's). I love the fact that the Japanese HuCards encouraged gamers to write their names on these games--a concept that would make collectors cringe.  As you may have noticed, instructions outlining the proper handling and care of HuCards can be found on the cards themselves and in the manual

Actually, if you remember the Sega Master System (a console that competed with Nintendo's popular NES), you might recall that it supported both standard cartridges and credit-card sized "Sega Cards"--a precursor to the HuCards.  In the U.S., these "Sega Cards" also had a spot for gamers to write their names in with marker.  Funny thing is, I've never encountered a Sega Card or HuCard emblazoned with someone's name on it. 

The Sega Cards were intended for "budget" titles (and had limited storage capacity), whereas the HuCards were for standard releases and had greater storage capacity than their Sega counterparts.  

One final note: Japanese and North American HuCards have different pin layouts--so you cannot play Military Madness on a Japanese console, nor can you play Nectaris on a U.S. console (unless you use an adapter).

I am looking for U.S., Japanese, and __________ advertisements/magazine coverage for these Nectaris games, by the way. Actually, I am interested in obtaining this information for any game featured this website ... so if you stumble upon anything in any of your magazines, please contact me.  Thanks.



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