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Nectaris / Military Madness FAQ  (1989 PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)

  instruction manual scans:


The 14-page Japanese game manual and the no-frills (sound familiar?) 14-page North American manual have been scanned in their entirety and are available for your viewing pleasure.  There's even an advertisement for the first two CD-ROM games ever released for a home console: No-Ri-Ko & Fighting Street (a.k.a. Street Fighter).  It is interesting to compare the two manuals: the overall design and attention-to-detail in the Japanese manual is impressive, while the U.S. manual is ... utilitarian, to say the least.  Perhaps the best way to illustrate this point is to compare the weapon guides provided in each manual.  The Japanese manual features original artwork (albeit "cutesy" in style) and attractive layout ( page 1  page 2 ) in stark contrast to the crammed, text-only weapon guide found in the U.S. manual ( page 3 ). Enjoy!

Nectaris Instruction Manual (PC Engine, Japan)

   00-00  cover   (dig that advertisement for No-Ri-Ko & Street Fighter on the CD-ROMē system!)
   00-01  storyline
   02-03  controller functions;  title screen menu;  info displayed during play
   04-05  types of terrain;  "shift" command;  removing troops from factory
   06-07  "attack" , "guide"  and  "end turn" commands  
   08-09  weapon guide  (specifications for all units)
   10-11  weapon guide (continued) ;  zone of control (ZOC);  support/surround effects
   12-13  victory in battle is determined by the following formula:
               battle experience + terrain effects + offensive/defensive specs + support/surround effects  
  Note:  images may take a long time to download since they are large files (80-120K)  

Military Madness Instruction Manual (TG-16, North America)

   00-00  cover
   00-01  storyline
   02-03  playing modes;  starting/continuing;  manual mode
   04-05  screen displays;  controller buttons;  controlling your army
   06-07  attack command;  guide command
   08-09  weapon guide 
   10-11  terrain effects;  zone of control (ZOC);  support effects
   12-13  playing tips
Note:  images may take a long time to download since they are large files (80-120K)


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