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Nectaris / Military Madness FAQ  (1989 PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)


cheating bastards: codes


The following codes work with both the Japanese and North American versions of this game... If, however, you are looking for the passwords for all 32 maps, they can be found further down on this page.  

Play as the GUICY (AXIS)  instead of the UNION  (ALLIED) :
On title screen, press and hold SELECT (be sure to keep the SELECT button pressed for the duration of this code). Highlight "1P CONTINUE" & press "I".  Enter a map name.

Watch the computer fight itself :
On title screen, press and hold SELECT (be sure to keep the SELECT button pressed for the duration of this code). Highlight "2P CONTINUE" & press "I".  Enter a map name.

Sound Test :
Enter "ONGAKU" as a password. You will be able to listen to all the music and sound effects in the original game. Not surprisingly, "Ongaku" means "music" in Japanese.

NOTE ON CODES: None of the codes listed above work for NectarisGB (1998, Gameboy)However, these codes do work for Neo Nectaris --except for the "Sound Test", since a "SOUND MODE" is already available as an option in Neo Nectaris' main menu.


cheating bastards: password


Here are the passwords for all 32 maps in Nectaris (Japan) and Military Madness (North America). Yes, 18 of the passwords are different (they are highlighted in color):

(PC Engine,  Japan) 
 Military Madness
(TG-16,  North America)
Normal Advanced


Normal Advanced
  01. REVOLT   17. TLOVER   01. REVOLT   17. MILTON
    02. ICARUS   18. SURACI   02. ICARUS   18. IRAGAN  
  03. CYRANO   19. ONARYC   03. CYRANO   19. LIPTUS
  04. RAMSEY  20. YESMAR   04. RAMSEY  20. INAKKA
  05. NEWTON   21. NOTWEN   05. NEWTON   21. TETROS
  06. SENECA   22. ACENES   06. SENECA   22. ARBINE
  07. SABINE   23. ENIBAS   07. SABINE   23. RECTOS
  08. ARATUS  24. SUTARA   08. ARATUS  24. YEANTA
  09. GALOIS    25. SIOLAG   09. GALIOS    25. MONOGA
  10. DARWIN   26. NIWRAD   10. DARWIN   26. ATTAYA
  11. PASCAL   27. LACSAP   11. PASCAL   27. DESHTA
  12. HALLEY  28. YELLAH   12. HALLEY  28. NEKOSE
  13. BORMAN   29. NAMROB   13. BORMAN   29. ERATIN
  14. APPOLO    30. OLOPPA   14. APOLLO    30. SOLCIS
  15. KAISER   31. RESIAK   15. KAISER   31. SAGINE
  16. NECTOR  32. ROTCEN   16. NECTOR  32. WINNER

TRIVIA: When Nectaris was released in North America for the TG-16 under the title "Military Madness", 18 passwords were altered. For example, Map 9 changed from "GALOIS" to "GALIOS" and map 14 "APPOLO" was corrected to "APOLLO". In addition, the passwords for the entire advanced campaign (maps 17-32) were changed for the TG-16 title. I think the latter was a good idea, since it made it more difficult to advance by cheating (i.e. simply reversing the map names from the first campaign).

Needless to say, these passwords do not work with the Japanese versions of NECTARIS.  Many online resources have confounded the U.S. & Japanese map names -- don't be confused any longer!



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