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Neo Nectaris FAQ (1994, PC-Engine DUO)

  ending cinema sequence:


Well, this is the classic, generic ending for many a video game: enemy is defeated, enemy stronghold explodes with dramatic flair, victorious troops celebrate and prepare to go home.  Hmmmm, it appears as if the Guicy have built an exact replica of the lunar Base Nectaris on the planet Mars (so you don't actually have the satisfaction of seeing the original Base Nectaris blow up...just the replica).  The Union army (whose uniforms and weapons are a fierce lavender color) briefly celebrates its victory on Mars before the space armada heads back home to Earth.

The Martian base resembles the Lunar base... ...they blow-up similarly as well
Jubilant, victorious Union troops A rare glimpse of a motorcycle trooper
Anti-Imperialist...or the next Imperialist? Obligatory shot for warplane fetishists
Union troops leaving Mars enmasse Union troops leaving Mars enmasse
Again, for the fetishists... Again, for the fetishists...
Union fleet heads back to Earth Union fleet heads back to Earth
Classic Nectaris scene, just replace "END" with "FIN" ...and so ends the best game in the series

A variation of the final image (Earth as seen from a lunar perspective) is found in all Nectaris games. That's it.  



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