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Neo Nectaris FAQ (1994, PC-Engine DUO)


FAQ table of contents:


01   homepage for Neo Nectaris FAQ
02   table of contents for Neo Nectaris FAQ
03   intro / background info for Neo Nectaris
3.1  Release Information
3.2  SPECIAL FEATURE :  Why Neo Nectaris is so special.
3.3  SPECIAL FEATURE :  English translations for the 8 new weapons of Neo Nectaris.
04   storyline / cinemas for Neo Nectaris
4.1  Opening cinema
4.2  Midpoint sequence
4.3  Ending cinema
05 QUICK GUIDE to Neo Nectaris (for Nectaris veterans)
06 how-to-play Neo Nectaris
6.1  The Basics
6.2  Coming Soon
07 Strategy Guide for Neo Nectaris
7.1  Zone of Control ;  Supporting and Surrounding Effects
7.2  Coming Soon
08 weapon guide for Neo Nectaris  ( bonus:  scan 1 & scan 2 from print manual ! )
09 instruction manual scans for Neo Nectaris
10 package, CD-ROM & magazine scans for Neo Nectaris
10.1  Box art, CD-ROM, OBI (spine card)
10.2  Neo Nectaris Print Advertisement
10.3  Neo Nectaris Demo CD-ROM (PC-Engine Hyper Catalog - CD ROM Capsule #6)
10.4  PC-Engine Fan Magazine Scans (July 1994)
11 cheats & passwords for Neo Nectaris


This is all that is available--for now.  Please contact me if you can help me add more content  (i.e. locating & sharing magazine coverage of this game --or any other game featured on this site).  Scans of magazine reviews, strategy guides, etc. would be great!


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