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Neo Nectaris FAQ (1994, PC-Engine DUO)

  English translation project: 8 new weapons


Neo Nectaris features eight new weapons that are utterly unique to the series and not included in any of the other titles. Below you will  find an earnest attempt to translate the Japanese weapon descriptions into English. This is a work-in- progress so please contact me if you can clarify and / or improve upon these translations.

Thank You
's go out to sokaku, PBSaffran, elusivepotato, DingoEnderZOE2, & vilaeth for working on this project. In fact, Sokaku, PBSaffran, and elusivepotato were especially diligent.  Thanks again!
NOTE: "Guicy" is Anglicized as "Gaichi" and is the name of your opponent. "BioHeiki" literally means "Biological Arms / Weapons." Finally, PBSaffran suggests that some of the weapons in Neo Nectaris were given German names.


BT-90 Gaadin  
 BioHeiki BT-90 Gaadin Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Gaadin ?  --> Guardian ? )

ROMANJI: Gaichi-gun no saishuuheiki to shi'te kaihatsu sareta bougyokei no baio heiki. Keitaihenka ni yori bougyoryoku ga seichou shi'te iku to omowareru.

ENGLISH: "Developed to be the Gaichi army's ultimate defensive bio-weapon. It seems that its defensive strength continually increases through metamorphosis."

BT-91 Majuu  
 BioHeiki BT-91 Majuu Weapon Data

( Japanese --> English )
( Majuu --> "magical / demonic creature" )
Is "demon" too generic as a translation?

ROMANJI: Gaichi-gun no saishuuheiki to shi'te kaihatsu sareta kougekikei no baio heiki. Keitaihenki ni yori kougekiryoku ga seichou shi'te iku to omowareru.

ENGLISH: "Developed to be the Gaichi army's ultimate attack bio-weapon. It seems that its attack power continually increases through metamorphosis."

BT-92 Burenaa
 BioHeiki BT-92 Bulena Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Burenaa ?  /  Bulena ? --> Brenner ? )
Bulena could be Brenner--German for "burner".

ROMANJI: Gaichigun no saishuuheiki to shi'te kaihatsu sareta kousokukei no baio heiki. Keitaihenki ni yori idouryoku ga seichou shi'te iku to omowareru.

ENGLISH: "Developed to be the Gaichi army's ultimate high-speed bio-weapon. It seems that its movement speed continually increases through metamorphosis."

SR-22 Girumoa
 SR-22 Girumoa Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Girumoa --> Gilmore ? )

ROMANJI: Taichitaikuuryouyou no 75mm sokushakeikikanhou wo soubi shi'ta tokushuyahou. Ichi-do ni ni-kai no hougeki ga kanou. Shinki ni kaihatsu sareta yunitto.

ENGLISH: "A special field gun equipped with dual 75mm anti-ground anti-air rapid-fire machine guns. Capable of two strikes at once. A newly-developed unit." 

GX-97 Fakuta
 GX-97 Fakuta Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Fakuta --> Factor ? )
GX-97 can repair units, much like factories.
Perhaps it should be translated as "factory"?

ROMANJI: Ripeapaatsu wo keikou shi'te iru gijutsuhohei de, rinsetsu shi'ta butai no shuuri ga okonaeru. Shinki ni kaihatsu sareta yunitto.

ENGLISH: "A state-of-the-art infantryman carrying repair parts and able to mend adjacent forces. A newly-developed unit." 

TB-10 Maito2
 TB-10 Maito2 Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Maito2 --> Might2 )

ROMANJI: Secchi kara 2 taan ato ni shuuhen wo makikomu bakuhatsu wo okosu. Jigenbakuhajikichirai. 

ENGLISH: "Causes an explosion enveloping the surrounding area two turns after placement. A land-mine with a time-delayed explosion system. A newly-developed unit."

KM-55 Rappuru
 KM-55 Labulu Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Rappuru ? / Labulu ?  --> Rappel ? )
Rappuru is probably Rappel -- German word for "explosion"

ENGLISH: "A lighter version of the "yamaarashi" [a.k.a. Trigger in the U.S. release; yamaarashi literally translates as "mountain tempest"], mobility was added to this version, hence turning them into a new kind of moveable floating mines.  This new model of flying units is used in battle as a support or as a surrounding unit."

HA-55 Kanon
 HA-55 Kanon Weapon Data ( Japanese --> English )
( Kanon [german?] --> Cannon )

ENGLISH: "A new model of tank, equipped with 4 automatic cannons of 20mm. They can't fire when soldiers are [not] staying just beside them, but they can attack after having moved."



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