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Earth Light FAQ  (1992 Hudson Soft, Super Famicom)

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Welcome to the first (perhaps only)  resource dedicated exclusively to EARTH LIGHT  (1992,  Hudson Soft), a little- known and vastly under-appreciated turn-based strategy game released in Japan for Super Famicom (known as "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" -- SNES -- in North America).  The purpose behind this website is simple: 
( 1 )  to rescue EARTH LIGHT from the throes of obscurity by encouraging folks to check it out. EARTH LIGHT shares many similarities with Nectaris / Military Madness (both games were  designed by the same programmer at Hudson Soft, for starters ), so if you are a fan of the aforementioned games, EARTH LIGHT,  may be for you. 
( 2 )  to make EARTH LIGHT accessible to a larger audience by providing a comprehensive, English-language FAQ.  Obstacles, such as the " language barrier", often prevent gamers from fully understanding -- and thus enjoying -- import titles such as EARTH LIGHT
Unlike the Nectaris series ( which achieved modest success in Japan and spawned numerous sequels / updates over the years ), EARTH LIGHT attained neither critical nor popular attention  ( the fact that it was a limited release probably didn't help matters ).  A sequel -- EARTH LIGHT: LUNA STRIKE -- was released four years later (also for Nintendo's Super Famicom console), but it bears little, if any, resemblance to its predecessor.  So, is EARTH LIGHT worth your time?  You will have to decide for yourself, of course, but this website will hopefully provide all the information you need to make a fair, honest evaluation of the game.
I NEED YOUR HELP:  As always, if you can help improve or contribute to this site in any way, please contact me.  I am especially seeking magazine coverage of this game, as well as an explanation of the battle system, info on how each unit operates (plus screenshots of the units not already pictured in the WEAPON GUIDE, translations of key sections of the instruction manual, etc.  Thanks.
RECENT UPDATES:  Here is a beta version of the Weapon Guide (I've recently given the weapon menu a sweet-looking facelift, but I still need your contributions). One of these days I'll finish a primer on the user-interface / menu navigation (it's been hibernating on my harddrive for nearly two years). 

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