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Earth Light FAQ  (1992 Super Famicom, Hudson Soft)

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  Earth Light instruction manual scans:


The 64-page game manual has been scanned in its entirety and is available for your viewing pleasure.  Yes, the entire manual is in Japanese (except for a handful of English words scattered about)--but that doesn't mean that useful information can't be gleaned from the kana / kanji-laden pages.  The most accessible information is found in the section entitled "Unit Data"--a cryptic way of saying "Weapon Guide"--in which you will find a complete list of all the units featured in Earth Light  (and their weapon specifications).  Enjoy!

Manual Contents 

  INTRO table of contents, precautions  
  OPENING STORY storyline accompanied by artwork  
  AT BEGINNING basic concepts from game explained  
  HOW TO PLAY explanation of menus & commands  
  UNIT DATA weapon guide (specifications for all military units)  
  SPECIAL ADVICE tactics and advice for improving your strategy   
  UNIT TABLE useful tables summarizing terrain and weapon data  

 NOTE: The page scans may take a long time to download, since they are large files (80-120K). 



pg.    01  front / back cover
pg. 02-03  precautions,  contents
pg. 04-05  storyline accompanied by artwork
pg. 06-07  storyline (continued) accompanied by artwork
"AT BEGINNING" ...basic concepts from game explained 
pg. 08-09  overall universe map, conquering stages and rankings
pg. 10-11  flowchart tracking progression through a stage
[ 1 = start 
-->  6 = win  /  9 = loss ]
pg. 12-13  shift and attack commands, info displayed during battle scenes
pg. 14-15  three weapon classes:  BEAM  (laser gun),  NORMAL  (hand-to-hand combat with
sword, mace, etc.), 
MISSILE  (powerful indirect attack with range of 2+ hexes)
pg. 16-17  illustration of ranges for  B N M  weapons
pg. 18-19  Zone of Control (ZOC) defined,  Space Dock (DOC)  (you can only unload
troops on certain types of terrain)
"HOW TO PLAY"  ...explanation of menus & commands 
pg. 20-21  control pad,  starting a new campaign,  saving/continuing a campaign
pg. 22-23  main map/battle scene data explained,  shift command,  unloading space dock
pg. 24-25  unloading cargo from CR and CV (troop transporters),  CHU transformation 
<-> plane),  rocket boosters (!!??)
pg. 26-27  How to attack with  BEAM  (laser gun),  NORMAL  (hand-to-hand combat with 
sword, mace, etc.),  and 
MISSILE  (powerful indirect attack with range of 2+ hexes)
pg. 28-29  guide and end turn commands,  saving/continuing game in progress
"UNIT DATA" ...weapon guide (specifications for all military units )
pg. 30-31  HUB-01 Mars,  HU-NN7 Titan
pg. 32-33  HU-AX45 Talus,  HU-M34 Medusa,  CHU-03F/R Athena
pg. 34-35  FS-41 Lobster,  FFA-81 Crane,  FB-97 Brontes
pg. 36-37  CUB-06 Gunner,  CUN-42 Sniper,  CUM-7 Launcher,  SBBW-4 Wisp
pg. 38-39  SG-DR10 Dragon,  SG-HY7 Hydra,  SG-RA4 Rahab,  CR-1 Crab I
pg. 40-41  BB-04 Tiamat,  BB-AII Asura II,  BB-MM4 Neodenz,  BB-V3 Hastur
pg. 42-43  SCG-MB1 Hannibal,  SCG-BM Regulus,  SCG-AX Corvus
pg. 44-45  DDG-BB7 Fenrir,  DDG-MN6 Hellhound,  DDG-AX9 Grant,  MSP-21 Abaddon
pg. 46-47  CV-MN2 Iris,  CV-B44 Artemis,  CV-C8 Selene
pg. 48-49  CV-CHX Siren,  FOR-TY1 Solomon,  FOR-TY2 Caltago
pg. 50-51  FOR-TY4 Goliath,  DOC-TY3 Pergamino,  CT-TYX6 Brain
pg. 52-53  Fifteen different types of terrain and their effect on  B N , and  M  weapons
"SPECIAL ADVICE" ...tactics and advice for improving your strategy 
pg. 54-55  terrain boosts defense
pg. 56-57  experienced units have advantage in battle, surround enemies 
pg. 58-59    N  (i.e. swords) can trump  B  (guns),  utilize ZOC in your defensive strategy 
  "UNIT TABLE" ...useful tables summarizing terrain and weapon data  
pg. 60-61  rankings,  unit  by terrain table,  weapon  by terrain table
pg. 62-63  huge table summarizing unit and weapon data  (allows for easy comparisons)

The page scans may take a long time to download, since they are large files (80-120K).




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