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Nectaris GB FAQ  &  GB KISS LINK FAQ  (1998, Hudson Soft, Gameboy)

  package, cartridge & media scans


package FRONT  (Nectaris GB 1998) package BACK  (Nectaris GB 1998) Gameboy cartridge  (Nectaris GB 1998)
package front package back Gameboy cartridge


Here are scans of Nectaris GB, the only version of Nectaris ever released for Nintendo's Gameboy.  Nectaris GB was released in Japan only, but that shouldn't prevent you from playing this import title on your Gameboy.  Why? Well, Gameboy cartridges are region-free, allowing you to play Japanese games on a U.S. Gameboy (and conversely, you can play U.S. games on Japanese hardware).  The only caveat (and this applies to all game cartridges that rely on battery back-up to store data) when purchasing Nectaris GB is to verify that the battery still works. Otherwise, you won't be able to save games in progress, save the maps you create, or save maps you transfer to your cartridge via GB KISS MAIL.
NOTE :  I am looking for U.S., Japanese, and __________ advertisements / magazine coverage for these Nectaris games. Actually, I am interested in obtaining this information for any game featured this website ... so if you stumble upon anything in any of your magazines, please contact me.



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