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O.K., it's not much, but here is a mini-review of what I consider to be the weakest game in Nectaris series... Earth Light: Luna Strike (Super Famicom, 1996, Hudson Soft)  If you are a fan of this game, please contact me and explain what you find compelling & enjoyable... I am eager to see things from a different perspective. For example, I evaluated Luna Strike as part of the Nectaris series.  In hindsight, I feel that perhaps this was an unfair / misguided approach to evaluating Luna Strike, since it is drastically different from its predecessor (1992's Earth Light) and therefore shares little with the Nectaris series.  I still don't think it is a stellar game, but maybe there are aspects that I have failed to appreciate.
Anyway, despite my disappointment with this game, I am sure I will sit down and give it another chance when I get some free time (keep in mind that this page was originally put up in Spring 2003 and I last updated it in Fall 2004 ... so I don't get much free time).  But who knows?  Maybe I'll fall in love with Luna Strike and have a full-fledged FAQ sooner than I anticipated.

Luna Strike, only for Super Famicom

Until then, however, this is all I have to offer you  (a bunch of scans) :

1. Luna Strike Box Art (package front)

2. Luna Strike Box Art (package back)

3. Page from manual (Profiles / Stats for MECHs)

4. Page from manual (Super Famicom Controls)  

REQUEST :   If you can contribute to the LUNA STRIKE FAQ in any way (i.e. providing a "how-to-play" guide, taking screenshots, scanning magazine coverage, translating the cinema scenes, etc.), please contact me.  Your contributions might inspire me to work on this neglected area of BASE NECTARIS.

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