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PC-9800 (NEC)  &  X68000 (Sharp)  Nectaris FAQ  (1992, System Soft, Japan)

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Welcome to the first (and probably only)  resource dedicated exclusively to the PC-9800 & X68000 versions of Nectaris. The PC-98 was a series of popular personal computers sold by NEC in Japan (NEC, as you may recall, was responsible for the PC-Engine and TurboGrafx-16 video game consoles). Sharp's X68000 series of personal computers was also popular in Japan...but they were known for their high-end graphic and sound capabilities (and thus became an ideal platform for gaming).  The purpose behind this website is simple: 
( 1 )  to answer all of your Nectaris questions. 
( 2 )  to document two Nectaris ports that are virtually unknown to Nectaris fans today (even in Japan, the PC-98 and X68000 platforms have been abandoned by all but the most dedicated old-skool PC gamers). As a Nectaris fan, I enjoy demystifying the truly enigmatic releases in the series.  In addition, I suspect that general fans of the PC-98 / X68000 platforms will appreciate these page for thoroughly documenting an item from the PC-98 / X68000 software libraries. 
BONUS!  Here is a scan of a Nectaris Comic that was included with the PC-98 and X68000 software!  You never know what you may find at BASE NECTARIS!  (Note, the artist who drew this comic found inspiration for the weapon illustra- tions in the weapon guide from the original 1989 PC-Engine instruction manual:  page 1  page 2 ).
SPECIAL THANKS :  To Lawrence  ( nfgman )  for providing invaluable information on & scans of the X68000 and PC-98 versions of Nectaris  ( 1 2 3 4 ). His contributions, in fact, served as the impetus for this section of the site.  THANKS!
I NEED YOUR HELP :   As you can see, this site strives to offer something for everyone, be they newbies (who simply need introductory material) or veterans (who are seeking obscurities and trivia).  I have tried to provide content that is relevant and of interest, but if you can help improve or contribute to this site, please contact me. I am especially seeking magazine coverage of this software, screenshots, scans (of package, manuals, floppies), and anything else you can find.  Thanks.

This site is a tiny part of BASE NECTARIS, a project covering all things Nectaris.  FAQs, Box Scans, Weapon Guides, Cheats, Trivia, and more await you !

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TurboPlay was the only magazine dedicated exclusively to the ill-fated TurboGrafx-16 video game console.  This archive documents all 14 issues (1990-1992).  Following TurboPlay's demise, two new magazines appeared (albeit briefly) to fill in the void: DuoWorld and TurboForce. These magazines concentrated on covering the TurboDuo video game console (suc -  cessor to the TurboGrafx-16).  As such, DuoWorld and TurboForce are also included in the TurboPlay Magazine Archives.
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