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1995 Nectaris FAQ (Germany, IBM PC-DOS)

  cheating bastards: passwords


Word on the street has it that the second (Romulous) and third (Pacifica) planets in the German Nectaris are tough as nails.  Folks have had a tough time merely surviving the introductory levels, in fact.  So... here are the passwords for all 98 levels in the game.  These passwords have NOT been verified, so please contact me with any problems or corrections you find.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for some interesting trivia on the password system used in this game.







   01. REVOLT    01. MASTER    01. SLOWER   
   02. NEWTON    02. REPAIR    02. LIGHTS
   03. GALOIS    03. FLOWER    03. FIGHTS
   04. BORMAN    04. POWERS    04. TROLLS
   05. MILTON    05. ESCULA    05. WIZARD
   06. TETROS    06. CAESAR    06. STREET
   07. MONOGA       07. SOURCE    07. BOMBER
   08. ERATIN    08. FOLDER    08. FINGER
   09. ICARUS    09. PROFIL    09. MAXIMA
   10. SENECA    10. DISPUT    10. LAGUNE
   11. DARWIN    11. KILLER    11. MANIAC
   12. APOLLO    12. MIXTUR    12. TRAPEZ
   13. RAGAN    13. TRICKY    13. CHEESE
   14. ARBINE    14. COLORS    14. NOHELP
   15. ATTAYA    15. GROUND    15. OUTPUT
   16. SOLCIS    16. DEFEND    16. ISLAND
       17. SLAYER




   17. CYRANO    17. DESERT    18. EUROPE
   18. SABINE    18. MASERN    19. MINIMO
   19. PASCAL    19. INSIDE    20. ACCEPT
   20. KAISER    20. ARAGON       21. DESERT
   21. LIPTUS    21. CHANEL    22. SEARCH
   22. RECTOS    22. JUMPER    23. EXODUS
   23. DESHTA    23. ROBOTS    24. EMPIRE
   24. SAGINE    24. RIVERS    25. PLANET
   25. RAMSEY    25. BERTAH    26. AIRPOT
   26. ARATUS    26. TACTIC    27. MONSUM
   27. HALLEY    27. MANAGE    28. THANKS
   28. NECTOR    28. POLICE    29. MORTAL
   29. NAKKA    29. ROCKIN    30. INVADE
   30. YEANTA    30. TRAVEL    31. PENCIL
   31. NEKOSE    31. SYSTEM    32. VIRGIN
   32. WINNER    32. DROPIN    33. SIMULA
       34. SEAMAP

TRIVIA :  In keeping with tradition, the original 32 maps of the 1989 Nectaris campaign is included on this release (but for some inexplicable reason, it is referred to as "Triton").  Interestingly, however, the German developers BROKE with tradition when they devised the passwords for this release.  Normally, the passwords for the second-half of the campaign are the same as the first-half, but in reverse (i.e. if a map is named "REVOLT", then its counterpart will be "TLOVER").  Instead, the German developers used the map names from Military Madness  (1989, TurboGrafx-16, North America).
When Nectaris was released in North America for the TG-16 under the title "Military Madness", 18 passwords were altered from the original PC-Engine version. The passwords for the entire advanced campaign (maps 17-32) were changed for the TG-16 title. I think the latter was a good idea, since it made it more difficult to advance by cheating (i.e. simply reversing the map names from the first campaign).  In addition, Map 9 changed from "GALOIS" to "GALIOS" (to confuse matters, the German version keeps the original "GALOIS") and map 14 "APPOLO" was corrected to "APOLLO" (here, the German version uses "APOLLO").



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