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1995 Nectaris FAQ (Germany, IBM PC-DOS)

  package, floppy disk & media scans:


Package FRONT  (PC DOS 1995 Germany)

Package BACK  (PC DOS 1995 Germany)

Nectaris 3.5" Floppy Diskette

Cover Art

Back of Box

3.5" Floppy Disk

  English translation of package text:  
NECTARIS - The cosmic strategy adventure

I had hoped never to be forced to take this step...

We write the year as 2104. The council of the solar union has been deceived by the houses of Kitara, Peimar and Fournale. Through a devious maneuver, the Kitara ship “Light of Kitara” mounted a military invasion by land on the Neptunian moon of Triton and captured our mining colony NECTARIS.*

Fortunately, the living people on Triton were meanwhile able to be evacuated.* We have a standing order for all units to be operable by remote control, and now from your battle console you will have total command over our armed forces.

Triton holds our last and only supply of the element Deuraniumminen. The entire global economies of Earth would collapse without this precious resource.

I give you command of all the NECTARIS legions. Our hopes and prayers depend on the success of your mission!

• Take responsibility as commander of the NECTARIS troops with more than 40 different fighting units.

• Through strategic battle, bring enemy units under your control and win back the colonies.

• Prevent the colonies of Romulous and Pacifica from being occupied.

• Fight on land, sea, and air to prevent the destruction of the human race.

• Immerse yourself in 96 levels against a computer opponent with unprecedented intelligence.

• Replace the computer opponent if desired to battle with up to four human players.

• NECTARIS is based on the original for the PC-Engine, the trailblazer for all strategy war simulations.

• With German instructions.

A very special  THANK YOU!  goes out to David Fichtner for taking the time to translate this text from German to English. The translation went through several iterations as he smoothed out the rough spots. Your diligence is greatly appreciated, David. Thanks again!



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