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1995 Nectaris FAQ (Germany, IBM PC-DOS)

  story and cinema scenes


"Most ancient generals died or vanished in the last 15 years..."  And the story only gets more confusing in the German version of Nectaris.  Currently, I only have the text from the introduction and the ending available. Hopefully, as folks progress further into the game, we will find out if there are any further developments in the story (doubtful) or any cinema scenes ( please send screenshots ! ). Yes, although this is a German game, the text is in English!  The decision to make all in-game text  (i.e. the story, the weapon descriptions, and the user-interface) English-language was done with the European market in mind, I'm sure, but I do not know if the game was ever distributed outside of Germany.  Scouring international auction sites over the years, I have yet to find any evidence that this game was sold or marketed outside of Germany.  
TRIVIA:  This would not be the first time that a Nectaris game featured English-language text :  the cover art for 1992's PC-98 and X68000 ports of Nectaris -- ports clearly designed exclusively for the Japanese market -- prominently features a synopsis of the Nectaris storyline in English.  

COMMENTARY: Well, the ending sequence is pretty short and generic. At least the production credits are included (although they do not credit the Japanese composer for the soundtrack).  The opening sequence, while still generic, takes some liberties with the basic Nectaris storyline.  The setting has shifted from the Sea of Nectaris on Earth's moon to the "resource moon" of Triton.  In the German story, which is totally confusing to me, "Nectaris" is simply, well... the name of clandestine military force under your command?  I am confused.  Unlike previous games, there is no mention of Base Nectaris (the Empire's Lunar stronghold, and your ultimate objective).  Plus, what's up with the "technocons on Mars" ?  ASIDE: The technocons seem to be arms suppliers, developing and selling weapons as a "neutral party" ... performing the role that the Quintessons are known for in the Transformers universe.
As always, if you can provide any further information or screenshots, please contact me.  Thank you!


opening sequence


It is a dark time for the Republik.
After the Moonwars the Nation
split of into several independent groups
who conquered the galaxy and established
vast Empires in the former Colonies.

The technocons on Mars supported their
aims by delivering weapons of any kind.
Most ancient generals died
or are vanished in the last 15 years.

Only one man had the power to reorganize
the armies and he forced the senate to
allow him a secret military project.

Unknown and operating from a hidden base
he organized the best troops in
the NECTARIS force. He never stopped his
search for the lost general who will
be the last line of defense against
the forthcoming war with the Empire Houses.

His mission starts now with the
assault of the enemies on the resource
moon Triton.

NECTARIS is ready to stand as last
defense to the freedom in the galaxy.

Now the fate lays in your hand, general.
May your tactics lead to victory!


ending sequence



You saved the human race!
Your excellent leadership of the 
NECTARIS-Troops avoided the occupation 
of our colonies. After You gained 
control of the Enemy-Troops, all people 
could return to their homes on our 
Terracolonies. It is to Your credit that 
these people can live in peace again. 
Thank You !!!


Game, Level Design & Artwork :
Florian Strauch
Tobias Alberts
Tobias Strauch
Mark Vollmann 

Programming & Computer Intelligence :
Florian Strauch
Hudson Soft (Japan)

Music & Sound :
Chris Huelsbeck
Rudolf Stember
Eike Steffen

Game Testing & QA :
Mark Vollmann
Michael Menz
Tobias Strauch
Florian Strauch

Michael Kairat
Sascha Ramali
Peter Ruppert

  Producer :
Andreas von Gliszczynski
Hudson Soft (Europe)

(c) 1995 Hudson Soft
Licensed & Published by Sunflowers GmbH


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