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1995 Nectaris FAQ (Germany, IBM PC-DOS) featured at BASE NECTARIS

Welcome to the only resource dedicated to the bastard-child of the Nectaris series, namely, the 1995 German update of Nectaris for the IBM PC-DOS platform.  First appearing in Japan on the PC-Engine console, Nectaris (1989) was a turn-based war strategy game set on the lunar surface.  1989's Nectaris was a successful title in Japan (at least 200,000 copies of the game were sold), but it failed to achieve the same popularity in North America when it was re-titled Military Madness for the TurboGrafx-16 (TG-16) video game console (TG-16 was the North American version of NEC's popular PC-Engine console).  In spite of this, Military Madness still managed to earn a small, but loyal, legion of fans.
The appeal of Nectaris was not confined to Japan and North America, however.  In 1995 a German software company -- with the assistance of Hudson Soft's European resources -- decided to update Nectaris for PC gamers. In a bold move, the German developers made significant additions (and changes) to the core game.  Yes, you read that correctly!  The German software is not simply a port of the original PC-Engine game.  As a result, it is one of only two titles (the other being 1994's Neo Nectaris) in the entire series that is not merely a "rehash with new maps".
Surprisingly, very few Nectaris fans are even aware that this German version exists. Even fewer fans are aware of its truly unique place in the series (this version is arguably the most creative and challenging installment).  This website aims to rescue the German version of Nectaris from the throes of obscurity:
( 1 )  gamers unfamiliar with the Nectaris series will find answers to their basic Nectaris questions here.
( 2 )  folks who are stumped by the many unique weapons exclusive to this game can use this handy Weapon Guide
( 3 )  jaded Nectaris fans who are uninterested in yet another uninspired rehash of the original game (Hudson Soft's standard modus operandi) will be pleased that the 1995 German version breathes new life into the series by breaking many established traditions:
(a) battles are no longer confined to the Moon, naval warfare is added to gameplay (a first) and ...
(b) the graphics have been completely overhauled (another first for the series), and ...

(c) many, many new weapons (exclusive to this title) have been added to the arsenal, and ...
(d) the challenge has been significantly increased with a tougher computer A.I.
(e) the German storyline is now garbled with references to Triton, Technocons, "the Nectaris Force", etc.

SPECIAL THANKS :  To Richard Harper for providing the invaluable scans  ( 1 2 3 4 )  that served as the impetus for the dedicated FAQ you see before you.  Yes, BASE NECTARIS relies upon your contributions!  On that note ...
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