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HOW-TO-PLAY 1 : The Basics


Once you are done with this page, then move on to Understanding the User Interface. These tutorials are a work in progress. Most of the information below is drawn from the Neo Nectaris tutorials.  This really isn't a problem since Neo Nectaris is nearly identical to every Nectaris title.  Some of the links on this page will bring you to the original, old Neo Nectaris FAQ website -- eventually all of these old pages will be updated and incorporated into the present site.  
The Basics:
:  Destroy all enemies --OR-- Capture the enemy's prison camp.  Only infantry (GX-78 Charlie, GX-88 Kilroy, CBX-1 Panther) can capture prison camps.  (Neo Nectaris adds CX-97 Teknik infantry that can capture camps).

Nectaris is not a "real time" war simulation; players take turns, like chess.  Thus, you can take as long as you like, per turn, to devise your strategy.  You lose by default, however, if are unable to conquer a map within 50 turns.

HEXES :  Hexagons are the basic unit of measurement in Nectaris. Hexes are used to measure distance. 

    _   _   _
3\_/3\_/ \
/ \_/
\_/ \_/ \_/
      In this diagram, the "*" represents a military unit under your command and the numbers indicate distances. SHIFTING refers to the number of hexes a unit can move per turn. LAND / AIR ATTACK RANGE refers to the range of hexes that a weapon can reach. Additional info about weapon range is available.   

FLOW OF THE GAME :  Each turn typically consists of:   (1) shifting troops,   (2) attacking enemies,   (3)  sending / removing troops from FACTORY,  (4) capturing factories and, last but not least,   (5) ending your turn.  Each of these tasks is discussed in greater detail below.
 a. Place cursor on the unit you want to move and press "I".  You are now in the COMMAND MENU .
 b. Select SHIFT (top left button) and press "I"...
 c. The movement range of the unit you've selected will be displayed.
 d. Move the cursor to desired destination and press "I", then press "I" once more to confirm (press "II" to cancel).

 a. Some units can be loaded onto transport vehicles (C-61 Pelican or NC-2 Mule) to be moved. A unit CANNOT be
     loaded and unloaded in a single turn.
 b. Place cursor on the unit to be moved and press "I" .
 c. Move the cursor on top of the transport vehicle and press "I" to load the unit on the transport.
 d. Now you can SHIFT THE TRANSPORT VEHICLE to a desired location.
 e. After shifting, transport vehicles attempt to unload their cargo: Press "I" to unload, otherwise press "II" to keep
     cargo onboard.
 f. Cargo can ONLY be unloaded onto pavement (0%), flat ground (5%) or a factory (0%).

There are two ways of attacking your opponent: "Direct Attack" and "Indirect Attack." Direct Attack is used to attack an enemy unit in a hex directly next to yours (adjacent). Indirect attack is used to attack an enemy in a hex not located next to you (long range attack). Few units possess both Direct and Indirect capabilities.

Military units earn EXPERIENCE (1-8 stars) from their battlefield confrontations. In general, a full star of experience (8) produces the most pronounced benefit, so nurturing--not sacrificing--your troops is rewarded.

The OUTCOME of a battle is determined by: the offensive/defensive attributes of each unit, the quantity and experience of these units, the terrain (rough terrain boosts defense), and the proximity of both comrades and enemies (proximity affects both offensive and defensive capabilities...

You can capture Neutral (yellow) or Guicy (green) factories with CX-78 Charlie, CX-88 Kilroy and CBX-1 Panther. You need to capture factories because: (1) any equipment stockpiled in a factory becomes YOUR property upon capture, and (2) factories can replenish damaged troops. If you can't capture a factory, at least try to prevent your opponent from getting it. 
(Neo Nectaris adds CX-97 Teknik infantry that can capture factories). 

Send war-torn troops to your factory to be replenished. By next turn, they can be deployed at full strength. (Go
here for more info.)
 a. Place cursor on factory and press "I"; the inventory is displayed.
 b. Move cursor to the unit you wish to remove from factory; press "I"
 c. Deploy unit onto road (0%), flat ground (5%), or transport vehicle (NC-2 Mule, C-61 Pelican) adjacent to factory. 
 d. You CANNOT send and remove troops from a factory in a single turn.

Place war-torn troops adjacent to CX-97 Teknik. Every unit ADJACENT to TEKNIK will increase by a quantity of "2" pieces per turn. Up to six different units can surround TEKNIK, for a maximum of 12 pieces replenished per turn. Teknik are invaluable for repairing IMMOBILE units (i.e. SS-80 Atlus) and SLOW MOVING UNITS (i.e. HMB-4 Giant).

Donít let your opponent capture your home home turf, else you lose. The computer often loads infantry into C-61 PELICAN transport planes and attempts to slip past you ...

 a. Press "I" to enter the COMMAND MENU.
 b. Select END TURN (bottom right button) and press "I" .
Now move on to the next tutorial:  Understanding the User Interface


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