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Truth be told, the storyline in Nectaris is pretty basic and rather generic.  And yet somehow, despite this, the story successfully establishes the premise of the game and provides an appropriate context and atmosphere for the lunar battles. Unfortunately, all but one of the Nectaris games rehash, verbatim, the original storyline from 1989.  This is partly due to the fact that many of the releases were straight ports of the original PC-Engine game, but it is also due to the fact that Hudson Soft was uninspired (some might say lazy) when developing the "updated" releases.  So, what was the sole title that actually attempted to add one or two twists to the original storyline?  1994's Neo Nectaris ... although a bulk of Neo Nectaris' story is recycled from the original as well.

Original Nectaris Storyline (1989) Original Nectaris Storyline: Japanese vs. North American Versions (1989, HuCard, PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)
8 panel storyboard.  The original Japanese text is presented with a brand new English translation (exclusive to BASE NECTARIS) which reveals that the TurboGrafx-16 version made a few minor alterations to the story when it was localized for North America. As a bonus, the "Game Over" sequence is given the same treatment (no significant differences between Japanese & English versions were found).  The unrivalled drama of the  Original Introductory Cinema (1989) awaits you in all of its' glory.
Neo Nectaris Cinema Scenes (1994) Neo Nectaris Cinema Scenes (1994, Super CD, PC-Engine DUO) 
Does the image to the left look familiar? Yes, the opening cinema in Neo Nectaris stays true the original storyline, but nearly all of the imagery is brand-new and depicts lunar warfare and troop movements.  Neo Nectaris offers two more cinemas (midpoint & ending sequences) that stand out as the only creative innovations ever introduced to the Nectaris storyline. View the Neo Nectaris Cinema Scenes (1994) and see what happens when Hudson actually puts effort into a Nectaris game.
German Nectaris Storyline (1995, IBM PC DOS) German Nectaris Storyline (1995, IBM PC-DOS) 
Currently, the text of the introduction and ending is available... despite being a German game, the story is in English (and is rather confusing at times). Learn all about the Republik, Moonwars, Triton, and the Technocons (yes, the Technocons!) in this adulterated version of the basic Nectaris storyline. The "ancient generals" request your presence at the German Nectaris Storyline (1995, PC-DOS).  May your tactics lead to victory!
THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO : Screenshots of the the cinema scenes from Nectaris GB, PlayStation Nectaris and hopefully other titles as well.  Please contribute screenshots today!



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