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Over the years, the FAQs featured at BASE NECTARIS have been tremendously improved by the contributions of . . . 

Mike F.  --  A very special THANK YOU! goes out to Mike F. for taking the time and energy to contribute so much to this site, particuarly his work on the German version of Nectaris. Thank you Mike!

David Fichtner  --  Thanks goes out to David Fichtner for taking the time to translate this text from German to English. The translation went through several iterations as he smoothed out the rough spots. Your diligence is greatly appreciated, David. Thanks again!

demonami  --  for re-kindling my interest in Nectaris and the world of TG-16 / PC-Engine several years ago.  He's probably shaking his head in disbelief and disapproval now (because he is partly to blame for this site), but he is also the only person in my family who digs Nectaris . . . and therefore understands why I made this site.
Lawrence ( nfgman )  --  for his enthusiastic support of BASE NECTARIS.  He single-handedly revived my lagging interest in this site (which, until recently, had long been my bete noir).  He provided innumerable scans ( 1 2 3 ) and invaluable information on many obscure Nectaris titles.  Truth be told, BASE NECTARIS would still be an incomplete and stagnant site if it were not for his help.  He has helped demystify the PC-98, X68000, German PC DOS, and cellular phone versions of Nectaris.  Be sure to visit any and all of his wonderful sites, OK ?  Cheers !
Richard Harper  --  for being the first person to contribute package scans for the 1995 German PC DOS version of Nectaris.  He provided several top-quality scans  ( 1 2 3 4 )  and all I can say is THANK YOU!  These scans, in fact, are what inspired me to create a dedicated FAQ for this game.  Yes, I rely on you folks to make this site better :)
S. Noddy  --  for providing great screenshots and documentation for six GB KISS mini-games: CANNON BALL, SAME GAME KISS, MINI STASOL, PUZZLE GAME, WORM and  ???  (
モグってナンボ、オヤジでドカン ).  I was lucky enough to find a handful of reviews and screenshots from his wonderful site,  S. Noddy's Homepage. My GB KISS LINK FAQ would be incomplete were it not for S. Noddy  ( I dig that picture of him! )  and  his information on the pack-in games. Thanks again!
Rick Scott  --  for pointing out many errors / omissions in my general FAQ and, in the process of doing so, provided elegant, detailed explanations of supporting and surrounding effects, how experience is gained, and how transport vehicles can lose their cargo.  Visit Rick's webpage.  Cheers ! 
Sokaku ( Dirk Mayer )  --  for helping with the Neo Nectaris FAQ.  He provided English translations for the names of the 8 new units in Neo Nectaris; clarified how HA-55 operates; pointed out different nicknames for units in U.S. versus Japanese versions. He was the first to help with translating and his work was corroborated by later translators -- THANK YOU! 
Elusivepotato  --  for helping with the Neo Nectaris FAQ.  He provided the "Romanji" and subsequent English translation for SIX of the new weapons (BT-90/91/92, SR-22, GX-97, TB-10). He was a tremendous help and his diligence in translating this information is GREATLY appreciated! 
PBSaffran  --  for providing English translations for "introduction" & "game over" text in both Nectaris and Neo Nectaris. He also helped translate the descriptions of KM-55 & HA-55 in Neo Nectaris. His excellent work on several different aspects of the translation project was INVALUABLE! 
Pigstaub ( Dale Staub ):  --  for helping with the Neo Nectaris FAQ.  He provided passwords and explanations on how to use HA-55 & GX-97. He was the first person to actually answer some of my initial questions.
JKO ( Almon Tang )  --  for his (now abandoned) site, The Nectaris Union, which helped inspire me to create this site. 
Lee H. Pappas  --  for his invaluable information on Earth Light (SNES), Nectaris, Neo Nectaris & TurboPlay Magazine (TurboGrafx-16) that can still be found on his abandoned pages here.  After reading Lee's website, I knew that I had to: (1) create a web version of my all-text Neo Nectaris FAQ and (2) start work on an Earth Light FAQ.  That was the beginning.
Kev ( Kevin Lee )  --  for his inspiring Military Madness FAQ (TurboGrafx-16).  I knew I had to write a similar FAQ for Neo Nectaris.  His FAQ is still the best out there, though.   
Pbeattie ( Peter Beattie )  --  for his Nectaris FAQ (PlayStation).  Further evidence that there are fellow Nectaris fanatics.
Bt Garner & Dave Shadoff -- for the PC Engine Catalog Project.  Simply fantastic.  Best resource for PCE software.
Darkwolf & Zigfried -- for providing translations on picture captions from the Official Guide Book ( 1 2 3 ). Visit Zig's site
DingoEnderZOE2 & vilaeth -- they both helped with the translation project to the best of their abilities. Thanks! 

. . .again, thank you all ! ! !


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