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Sometimes you are simply bored and want a change of pace.  For those times, try some of the different play modes included on most Nectaris games (i.e. you can play as the Guicy instead of the Union, watch the computer fight itself, or listen to tunes in the sound test).  Sometimes you just want to cheat.  If you are stuck on a particular map and are frustrated, use a password to access the stages you have yet to see.

Cheats for PC-Engine.
Nectaris  (1989)
PC- Engine  (Japan)
Cheats for TurboGrafx-16.
Military Madness  (1989)
TG-16  (North America)
See NECTARIS (1989)
Nectaris  (1992)
NEC's PC-9800  (Japan)
See NECTARIS (1989)
Nectaris  (1992)
Sharp's X68000  (Japan)
Cheats for Neo Nectaris
Neo Nectaris  (1994)
PC-Engine DUO  (Japan)
Cheats for German PC DOS version.
Nectaris  (1995)
IBM PC DOS (Germany)
See NECTARIS (1989)
Nectaris  (1997)
 PC Windows 95  (Japan)
Cheats for Nectaris GB.
Nectaris GB  (1998) Gameboy  (Japan)
Are there codes for GB KISS LINK ?
GB KISS LINK  (1998) Gameboy  ( Japan)
Cheats for PlayStation (Japan)
Nectaris  (1998)
PlayStation  (Japan)
This book is full of passwords.
Nectaris Guide Book (1998)
 Famitsu / ASCII  (Japan)
Cheats for PlayStation (North America)
Nectaris: Military Madness
 PlayStation  (1999, N.A.)
See NECTARIS (1989)
Nectaris  (2003-2004) Cellular Phone  (Japan)
This game does not use a password system.
Earth Light  (1992)
Super Famicom  (Japan)
This game does not use a password system.
Luna Strike  (1996)
Super Famicom  (Japan)



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