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For folks who are interested in video games as physical artifacts, BASE NECTARIS is proud to present a comprehensive collection of scans capturing all of the cardboard boxes, plastic jewel cases, inserts, HuCards, CD-ROM's, floppy disks, cartridges, OBI's (spine cards), cover jackets, magazine pages, etc. related to the Nectaris series.  Enjoy!

View PC-Engine Scans.
Nectaris  (1989)
PC- Engine  (Japan)
View TurboGrafx-16 Scans.
Military Madness  (1989)
TG-16  (North America)
View PC-98 Scans.
Nectaris  (1992)
NEC's PC-9800  (Japan)
View X68000 Scans.
Nectaris  (1992)
Sharp's X68000  (Japan)
View DUO Scans.
Neo Nectaris  (1994)
PC-Engine DUO  (Japan)
View German (IBM PC DOS) Scans.
Nectaris  (1995)
IBM PC DOS (Germany)
This was a freeware download, so no package scans exist.
Nectaris  (1997)
 PC Windows 95  (Japan)
View Nectaris GB Scans.
Nectaris GB  (1998) Gameboy  (Japan)
View GB KISS LINK Scans.
GB KISS LINK  (1998) Gameboy  ( Japan)
View PlayStation (Japan) Scans.
Nectaris  (1998)
PlayStation  (Japan)
Visit Nectaris Official Guide Book
Nectaris Guide Book (1998)
 Famitsu / ASCII  (Japan)
View PlayStation (North America) Scans.
Nectaris: Military Madness
 PlayStation  (1999, N.A.)
These are cellular game downloads, so no packaging scans exist.
Nectaris  (2003-2004) Cellular Phone  (Japan)
View Earth Light Scans.
Earth Light  (1992)
Super Famicom  (Japan)
View Luna Strike Scans.
Luna Strike  (1996)
Super Famicom  (Japan)



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