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BASE NECTARIS: all things Nectaris, Military Madness & Earth Light



All of the sites below are video-game related (and many focus specifically on NEC's consoles.

Visit - Simply the best resource on NEC consoles. Tons of reliable, original content (even music and video programs!) + forums.  This site is regularly updated & simply gets better & better.
PC-Engine Catalog Project PC-Engine Catalog Project - The best, easy-to-use, SEARCHABLE database of all TG-16, DUO, PC-Engine, SuperGrafx, & PC-FX software. Filter your searches !  Amazing ! 
NFG Games / GameSX / NEOgraphy NFG Games / Game Station X / NEOgraphy - Covering all consoles, Lawrence authors articles on everything... from technical guides on modding consoles to exploring PC-Engine obscurities like the Korean TG-16 !   Regularly updated.
PC-Engine Software Bible PC-Engine Software Bible - A respectable runner-up to the PCECP.  The Software Bible is worth a visit for the OMAKE alone (be sure to check out the desktop wallpaper) !
Magic Engine - Arguably the best PC-Engine emulator available, courtesy the labors of David Michel in France.  I used this emulator to capture screenshots of the PCE / DUO Nectaris games. - An expansive project document- ing many, many consoles & their software libraries. A wonderful reference site with an intuitive layout, original screenshots & love for the old-skool! - An established, reliable site that specializes in PCE game trading.  Even if you are not interested in trading, check out the "Links" section for some PCE and TG-16 sites!
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