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  HARDWARE FAQ (beta version .01)


You may not be familiar with some of the video game consoles and computer platforms mentioned on these pages (come on, admit it... I myself only recently learned about the various cellular gaming platforms in Japan).  Even if you are familiar with these various systems, you still might be interested in refreshing your memory on some of the details. As such, BASE NECTARIS is proud to present this hardware information in one, convenient location.
NOTE: This is a beta version of the Hardware FAQ.  Currently, only one game is covered: Neo Nectaris, a CD-ROM game for NEC's DUO (Japan) / TurboDuo (North America) video game system.

 CONSOLE:   NEC's DUO (PC-Engine + CD) / TurboDuo (TurboGrafx-16 + CD) 

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: How to play Super CD format games.

You can play Neo Nectaris on a U.S. TurboDuo. And yes, you can also play Neo Nectaris on a U.S. TurboGrafx-16 + CD, but the "Super System Card 3.0" (U.S. version) upgrade is required. Why? Well, System Card 2.0, which originally came with the CD attachment, can only play "CD-ROM≤" format games. Since Neo Nectaris is a "Super CD-ROM≤" format game, it requires the upgraded "Super System Card 3.0".  DUO owners don't have to worry about this, of course, because System 3.0 is built into the DUO.
NOTE: Both a U.S. and Japanese version of "Super System Card 3.0" exists.  They are not interchangeable. So, if you have the Japanese PC-Engine + CD, you will need the Japanese version of the "Super System Card 3.0" upgrade in order to play Neo Nectaris.
REGION COMPATIBILITY: Japan vs. North America
Or, in other words: can I play Neo Nectaris on my U.S. system?  As the discussion above reveals, you DON'T have to worry about regional lock-outs with CD and SCD games--there are none. You can play any region CD / SCD games without any problem as long as you have: 1) DUO, or 2) PCE/TG-16 + CD with the appropriate Super System Card 3.0.
EMULATION: Can I play Neo Nectaris on my PC / MAC ?
Of course, it is best to experience the glory of Neo Nectaris on the original hardware. That said, it is possible to play Neo Nectaris on PC / Mac. The following account is derived from my own (limited) experience with PC: MagicEngine is a reliable PCE emulator -- available for both PC and MAC platforms -- that supports most CD / SCD games.  Not all CD / SCD games play flawlessly in MagicEngine, however (and a few games donít work at all).  Furthermore, some MAC versions of MagicEngine do NOT support CD games.    I have played Neo Nectaris extensively on both original and emulated hardware, and there do not appear to be any significant differences between the two; Neo Nectaris runs smoothly and faithfully with MagicEngine (PC version VO.99 beta 5). When booting the CD, I found "System Card 3.0" to be superior to "Magic System 3.0" (the console generated audio was absent when using the latter, so you won't hear sound effects or the "game over" and "password entry" music unless you use the former).


NEC's DUO (Japan)  a.k.a.  TTi's TurboDuo (North America)

Neo Nectaris Cinema Scenes (1994)



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