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Whether you simply don't like the web-based weapon guides I made for this site, or you are just curious about what the original printed instruction manuals were like, here are scans of all of the weapon guides (yes, even the Luna Strike weapon guide is included below -- though I doubt anyone will ever look at it).  Enjoy!

Nectaris Weapon Guide  (1989, PC-Engine, Japan) :  page 1  page 2  
The original guide -- and cutest one!  This and the Neo Nectaris guide are my favorites.  I used the illustrations from this guide for the web-based Universal Weapon Guide featured on this site.
Military Madness Weapon Guide  (1989, TG-16, North America) : 
page 1
The first English-language guide... and the least interesting.  All text, no illustrations, no specs.
Neo Nectaris Weapon Guide  (1994, DUO / PCE + CD, Japan) :  page 1  page 2
The Neo Nectaris manual features the sharpest-looking weapon guide out of the entire series.  It spans four pages in total and is the only guide that documents the eight new military units unique to this game.  I used the illustrations from this manual for the Neo Nectaris Weapon Guide featured on this site.  Anyway, I still think that the original PC-Engine guide is still the best (because it is the cutest-looking one of the lot).  
Nectaris GB Weapon Guide  (1998, Gameboy, Japan) :  page 1  page 2  page 3
This is an encapsulated, concise and cute -- though cramped -- weapon guide (how fitting for a Gameboy game).  It uses actual screenshots of the sprites instead of illustrations.  NOTE: The page scans are enlarged significantly; reading the printed version strains the eyes.
Nectaris Weapon Guide  (1998, PlayStation, Japan) :  page 1  page 2  page 3  
The slickest-looking weapon guide to grace the series... featuring nice renderings of each weapon in full-color printed on glossy, thick paper.  The problem is, this guide has the look and feel of a slick auto / motorcycle racing magazine. 

Nectaris: Military Madness  (1999, PlayStation, North America) :  page 1  page 2
This weapon guide looks like a poorly photocopied cut-n-paste from the Japanese guide. The Japanese version might be too slick, but the North American version is simply too ugly.  
Earth Light Weapon Guide  (1992, Super Famicom) :  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11

Wow, how many pages are there? Wonderful, cute illustrations adorn this weapon guide (the ink and watercolor renderings are even cuter than the sprites in the game, if you can imagine that).  
Earth Light: Luna Strike Weapon Guide (1996, Super Famicom, Japan) :  page 1  2  3  4

Coming soon: the entire (4 page) weapon guide.  Why?  Why not?
    At some point in the future, I hope to document (at least partially) the remaining weapon guides in the series... if you can assist in any way please contact me. Thanks.



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